eBook 4 Tips to Jump-Start a Stalled Funnel

Sales and marketing leaders live and breathe the opportunity funnel daily, and sometimes nightly too. A good night’s sleep hinges on its health. When the funnel flows according to plan, life and sleep are great. But when it doesn’t, well, not so good.

The first layer of pipeline analysis should be focused on what’s stalled – sales qualified opportunities that aren’t moving forward. There are a variety of reasons, and some are within sales and marketing control while others aren’t.

In this eBook we’ll examine a few reasons, what to analyze, the benefits of conducting pipeline hygiene, and how to reignite stalled opportunities and accelerate momentum.

Key Takeaways:

  • Continual pipeline analysis is vital to assess and improve its health, reinvigorate and accelerate stuck and slow-moving opportunities, and remove false-positives that create forecast inaccuracy and distractions.
  • Sales pipelines are living, breathing organisms. Keeping them dynamic and energized is an essential function of sales, marketing, and demand generation leaders that requires collaborative accountability, attention, and effort.
  • Jumpstarting stalled opportunities demands agility and creativity. It isn’t always easy, but it’s doable and effective with the right stakeholders involved and some creativity.

Here are a couple examples to help you frame your thinking:

  • Time-sensitive, compelling CTA’s that could include financial incentives, added-value packages, or other special offers that could trigger movement. A carefully-coordinated sales and marketing outreach blitz through several channels and targeted to multiple contacts within stalled accounts.
  • Don’t overwhelm or annoy your decision-makers and influencers though. Be respectful of their time and informational needs by delivering the right personalized messages, content, and CTAs to the right people. Your objective is to draw attention and stimulate conversation within the account.

A good night’s sleep is important for busy sales and marketing teams. We know that improving the health of your funnel can help because we’ve done it for ourselves and our clients, and we’re all resting more peacefully.

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