Envestnet/Yodlee Shows 38:1 ROI with Sales Development Representatives Layer






The Client

If you’ve ever used an online budget tool, or provided data to your bank or other financial institution for a loan, you may have experienced the power of one of Yodlee’s products. They work with more than 1,000 financial institutions and fintech innovators, including 13 of the top 20 U.S. Banks. In the powerful financial services industry, Yodlee’s is a leading data aggregation and data analytics platform powering dynamic, cloud-based innovation for digital financial services. Their platform enables a massive data network associated with tens of millions of consumers. This colossal scale of financial data further enhances the Data Intelligence capabilities.

The Challenge

When Ron Barasch was hired by Yodlee in 2012, he knew he was in for a for a challenge. As part of his role as Senior Director of Marketing and Demand Generation, he needed processes in place to ensure that leads were well qualified before being handed off to the sales team. But with no inside sales team and a company poised for hyper-growth, a nurturing gap in the sales process threatened to bury leads that weren’t quite ready to buy.

Additionally, Yodlee was less of a recognizable name in EMEA. Armed with well-known client names and supportive success stories, the challenge of brand recognition would need to be overcome by an experienced sales team.

The Solution

Yodlee reached out to Televerde, to provide advice and guidance on how to not only keep the leads warm but also nurture them through the buyer journey.

The engagement kicked off in 2015 with two Sales Development Representatives (SDRs) focused on North America. It was important the agents on this campaign had a financial background or an aptitude for numbers. The campaign integrated with Yodlee’s Marketo instance for complete closed-loop reporting. Interested buyers completed contact forms which synced over to the SDR team for follow-up and qualification.

The SDR team managed the data, replacing outdated information with actionable insights gathered on their calls. SDRs nurtured and further qualified prospects to meet BANT criteria before passing the leads to Yodlee’s sales team.

Through the efficiency of an integrated campaign, all of the buyer and industry information flowed right back to Yodlee’s Marketo instance. And when leads qualified and progressed, the team updated Yodlee’s instance of Salesforce directly. Working together with Televerde, Ron and his team extended the sales team up the funnel to deliver against the sheer volume of leads that marketing created every day.

To assist in online lead development, Televerde’s client success team suggested using a web chat solution to engage website visitors. Referencing a 56:1 ROI for web chat with another client, it seemed to be a safe bet to optimize every engagement with prospects to ensure potential leads were not lost.

Mid-2017, Yodlee expanded their efforts internationally, launching SDR efforts in Latin America and EMEA while levering US agents for North America and APAC. Agent fit for the SDR role included not just financial acumen, but also business culture understanding of 18 different countries in all regions of the world.

The Results

Now the Vice President of Marketing and Demand Generation, Ron and his team are focused on expanding the business model and solution set for prospects and current customers. Over nearly three years, the Televerde partnership resulted in a 38:1 overall ROI and a $21M pipeline.

Internationally, the results are emerging, along with brand awareness. The Televerde team generated $277K in pipeline resulting in $201K of closed/won business, an ROI of 3x in less than six months.

In a recent strategic planning session, the team addressed the potential for and additional outbound cold-calling initiative through a layer of Lead Development Representatives to uncover additional market opportunities and insights.

A key to this engagement success is the sales and marketing alignment that Televerde brings to the table. As a strategic partner, Televerde helps Yodlee assess the sales and support expectations and challenges of global go-to-market moves.

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