From Cell Block to Corporate America: A Transformative Journey to Professional Success

We’re thrilled to present an extraordinary podcast episode featuring Televerde’s Head of Demand Generation, Danna Tongate. Danna, whose marketing career blossomed within the confines of Perryville women’s prison in Arizona, recently had the honor of joining Michelle Boockoff-Bajdek, CMO at Skillsoft, for a thought-provoking episode of Skillsoft’s podcast, The Edge.

This conversation emphasizes the imperative of forging pathways for justice-involved individuals to ascend the corporate ladder. It’s a dialogue of empowerment, shedding light on Danna’s transformative journey from a life behind bars to professional triumph, underscoring the transformative power of a second chance. Immerse yourself in this profound discussion and explore the substantial impact of extending opportunities and educational experiences to those who have faced judicial consequences.

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