SAP Mid-Market Case Study



YoY Increase to Mid-Market Pipeline

How Improved Sales and Marketing Alignment Helped SAP Achieve 41% YoY Increase to Mid-Market Pipeline

The Challenge

Entering the mid-market space, SAP needed to build volume at scale and drive digital-first customer experiences. Given that its sales and marketing teams were disjointed, and it needed a more holistic approach involving account-based marketing, marketing automation, and more to differentiate itself from competitors, SAP required a solution that could help them:

  • Restructure the relationship and reset expectations between sales and marketing to ensure the two teams were aligned.
  • Identify, test, and optimize new marketing technologies that could be integrated into its strategy to drive mid-market sales.

The Solution

Televerde helped SAP in five significant ways:

  • Implemented best practices for the mid-market phase
  • Created alignment between sales and marketing
  • Qualified inbound leads
  • Ran outbound prospecting
  • Optimized campaign results and delivered real-time insights

The Results

SAP was able to get the mid-market phase up and running in less than three months after aligning with Televerde to establish what would work best for them. Televerde remains one of SAP’s main demand partners—consistently exceeding expectations year-over-year.

Watch the video, view the infographic, or read the full case study to learn how our customer SAP has masterfully aligned internal and external teams, marketing, sales, channel, and technology, powering the interlocked channel experience driving alignment, scalability, and growth.

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With more than 28 years of demand generation and inside sales expertise, Televerde offers a complete portfolio of sales and marketing solutions designed around your goals. We provide the sales and marketing alignment, strategy, and services you need to grow, compete, and drive pipeline in new and existing target markets.

Contact Televerde today to see how we can help you boost your sales and marketing efforts in any target market.

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