MAT for the C-Suite – Getting Alignment and Keeping It

As many of you know, Televerde operates its European headquarters out of Glasgow, Scotland. It’s from this location that we help our North American clients expand their sales and marketing initiatives throughout Europe region.

We launched our European office in Glasgow just about a year ago and have found the city to be welcoming and supportive of the work we do to help North American companies come to Europe and European companies broaden their scope to North America.

Making sure that sales and marketing teams are aligned and communicating effectively about what a lead really looks like is an important discussion regardless of geography. Another one that happens to be close to my heart as Televerde’s chief marketing officer is why it’s critical that the entire c-suite buys into a company’s investment in marketing automation technology.

Regardless of which continent your executive boardroom sits in, marketing automation technology is something that your entire c-suite invests in and, therefore, should be concerned about.

I recently wrote an article about this topic in PerformanceIN, a UK-based publication that looks at high-performance marketing programs. PerformanceIN is a great source for industry information.  I particularly point out how to work within the c-suite to ensure cohesiveness on a major investment and to offer some best practices around:

  • Cross department benefits
  • Focus on ROI
  • Leveraging strategic partnerships

Read the article here and share your thoughts with me.  I’m eager to hear what you think and what steps you’ve taken to align your senior executives.

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