Revenue Growth Through Closed-Loop Strategy

Increase revenue using our data-powered global marketing strategy to generate ideal leads and improve customer lifetime value. We solve targeting, interaction, and revenue challenges in the customer journey for clients that want integrative tools to create and iterate more valuable sales cycles.

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Our Marketing Solutions Help Our Clients Drive:

Audience & Market Insights
Demand Generation
Engagement Insights & Analysis

Audience & Market Insights

Raise CLV with Detailed Audience and Market Insights

We combine data-backed market insights with real-time customer behavior to develop a global marketing strategy that works for your organization. Contact us to learn how our outbound call centers can help you earn more with better customers with outsourced marketing and outsourced telemarketing.


Our Lead Generation Process

Tools & Tech Set Up

Routing & Segmentation

Delivery Optimization

Pipeline Progression & Analysis

Post-MQL Reporting

Our Lead Generation Campaign Timeline

televerde implementation timeline

Our average launch time is 14 calendar days from the SOW start date to actual launch date and is dependent upon task completion from client.

Demand Generation

Gain Qualified Leads Through Cross-Channel Demand Generation & Quality Assurance

Learn how we can help grow and accelerate your pipeline with warm, qualified leads. We research, qualify, and nurture high-quality leads, and our quality control process ensures 100% lead validation prior to delivery to our clients. Our process can help accelerate your lead conversion with better leads that move more quickly through your pipeline.


Training & Testing for Lead Generation

We develop a comprehensive lead generation playbook for your products and solutions, test the messaging extensively and work closely with your team to adapt and evolve the program:

Playbook Creation

Solution(s) Overview
Market Overview
Competitive Differentiation
Call Guide & Flow
Objections & Rebuttal
Lead Routing & Follow Up Processes


Messaging Strategy Review
Playbook Review
Isolated Testing Phase



Pains/Challenges Solved
Market Insights
Competitive Overview
Value Differentiation by Segmentation
Objections & Rebuttal
Email Templates

Engagement Insights & Analysis

Hone Your Global Marketing Strategy with End-to-End Program Performance Reporting

Our comprehensive engagement insights and analysis help businesses make smarter program decisions. See how our performance metrics can increase your ROI, such as the value of your MQLs and maximizing your MDF ROI.


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