influenced by Televerde over 10 years


over 10 years




A market and technology leader in business software, our client offers solutions and services for improving business operations. From their pioneering ERP software to industry leading new technology offerings, their innovation goes beyond software, developing breakthrough technologies that shape IT and business trends.

The partnership began what would be a long, successful history together in 2009. Our client’s large internal team as well as three outsourced vendors drove pipeline and revenue through appointment setting, lead generation and sales development.

In an effort to consolidate vendors and move to an closely integrated partnership, they began conversations with Televerde. With support from top executives, an initial pilot was launched to drive demand for a recently acquired business unit. Quick wins resulted in additional investment of services and resources to accelerate progress towards goals.  The opportunity with Televerde provided the scalability,  increased production, and cost effectiveness needed to reach pipeline and revenue goals, while the partnership created an external team closely aligned to values, goals and success.


  • Save costs by outsourcing
  • Optimize results and improve performance
  • Leverage a partner with industry expertise

The Solution

Televerde Services

  • Appointment setting and lead generation
  • Sales development and opportunity progression
  • Partner eco-system support
  • Data intelligence

Televerde provided a demand generation team with industry-leading tenure over the last decade, adapting programs to the need to drive pipeline and reach new markets. Over the course of the partnership, our client leveraged new marketing technologies combined with Televerde processes and best practices to build a strong foundation.

Televerde agents work as a true extension of the sales team, aligning closely with account executives to map accounts and buying units, working toward revenue goals. Using an account-based marketing approach, the sales development team provides support through omnichannel engagement while other Televerde teams ensure quality prospect data and provide market insight and buying intent to generate the most traction. 



The Results

A true collaborative partnership resulted in $7B+ in pipeline and $800M+ in revenue. Beyond the numbers, the partnership has enabled success and resulted in strategic gains. The agents have immeasurable passion and ownership for their programs which creates an atmosphere that delivers extraordinary results. Additional investment in Televerde resources across the globe for various acquisitions ensures steady growth and rapid scalability that is sure to progress for years to come.

“Because of the early successes that we saw, we doubled the investment every couple of weeks for a quarter. Televerde adapted to our goals and information we had, being agile to quickly add callers to respond to our needs as we increased our investment without any impact to performance.”

– Vice President, Strategy and Change Management


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