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The Background

Pulse Secure was formed in 2014 when Juniper Networks sold its Junos Pulse product line to Siris Capital. Pulse Secure’s SaaS solutions for integrated virtual private network (VPN), network access control (NAC) and mobile security solutions enable businesses to offer secure access to their employees via the end users’ own devices. These solutions help companies make a smooth and secure transition to the Cloud and increase employee productivity while keeping network data protected.


  • No manpower to continue to educate and retain customers
  • Lack of support for Marketo technology platform for prospect development, lead processing, positioning and campaign execution
  • No resources for go-to-market strategy to support revenue growth

The Solution

Televerde Services

  • Demand Generation
  • Lead Development
  • Sales Development
  • Strategic Planning
  • Campaign Management
Televerde and Pulse Secure took a holistic and strategic approach to its partnership. To successfully support the company’s $100M business and drive it forward, Televerde first aligned Pulse Secure’s marketing goals to its sales revenue via ROMI metrics. This helped establish accountability measures for the sales and marketing efforts.

Televerde’s dedicated team of Lead Development Reps (LDRs) initially focused on the education and retention of Pulse Secure’s current customer base. Once we established communication, the LDRs further expanded the Pulse Secure relationship with their clients through high-value, direct conversations with prospects.

Next, a team of Sales Development Reps (SDRs) were added to assist in qualifying leads, and ultimately, closing the deal. Going beyond demand generation services, Televerde improved the efficiency of the calling and email campaigns with its managed marketing automation services by setting up Marketo and integrating it with Televerde’s proprietary Cloud Connector & Intelesight platforms.

The Results

Pulse Secure has generated more than 3,600 new leads and expanded its sales revenue pipeline by $55M. The net result: $19M worth of deals won and closed with a 70% SQL conversion rate. These results compelled Pulse Secure to grow the partnership by adding an Inside Sales support layer to close even more business.

Through its extended Televerde team, Pulse Secure now has a sophisticated, streamlined process for demand generation and lead qualification. Along the way, Televerde sales development agents were able to use their security market experience to help Pulse Secure grow their existing customer base, enhance their industry credibility and build its new brand in a short period of time.

“Televerde helped us create a strategic sales and marketing plan, and their lead quality exceeded my expectation. I hear from Inside Sales that the leads are much stronger and more qualified. I attribute this to the unbelievable energy of the Televerde reps.” – Mark Craven, VP Sales, Pulse Secure

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