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Our client is a subsidiary of a Fortune 100 company and is a leading manufacturer of hot tubs/spas and aquatic fitness products. They sell through a dealer network, but generate leads through national multichannel marketing campaigns and localized dealer co-marketing.

They historically focused on digital marketing to achieve their goal of selling more hot tubs and aquatic equipment. Web traffic was strong, from a mix of pay-per-click campaigns, search engine optimization, and syndication partnerships.


  • Low visibility into how digital leads were converting into buyers
  • No way to measure the effectiveness or track the ROI of the leads provided to their distribution network
  • Lack of insights into buyer needs, the buying journey and decision-making process, and inconsistent customer experience between their national marketing efforts and their dealer network

The Solution

Televerde Services

  • Marketing Automation
  • Strategic Engagement Planning
  • Demand Generation & Teleservices
We identified actionable insights on the buyer journey to making a hot tub purchase through buyer personas, then mapped out the path and decision points leading to a purchase.

We implemented the marketing automation tool, Eloqua, to help nurture different buyers with relevant information that was important to them. We also implemented and optimized Salesforce CRM to enable an efficient sales process for an optimal customer experience.

With a new, easy process and training for its dealer channel and Salesforce, the acceptance of the sales tool soared to 100%.

Lead nurture campaigns were developed for each of the buyer personas and demand generation campaigns launched. Ongoing support with sales and marketing automation, as well as campaign analysis and reporting, enabled the manufacturer to support its dealers with detailed prospect information.

The Results

The increased visibility into the buyer process has given the company the ability to track conversion rates and marketing ROI.

Tying the email and content engagement to dealer revenue has enabled smarter business decisions, more investment, more leads and bigger deals. This solution also enabled them to implement a consistent buyer experience along with information and predictability for their dealers.

By implementing modern marketing processes, our client was able to track their marketing efforts, realize a strong return on their investment, and create a $36 million opportunity pipeline.

“We evolved from running event-based, batch-and-blast email marketing to targeted, persona-specific campaigns. This resulted in higher email and content engagement and the ability to connect marketing efforts to revenue.”
– VP of Marketing

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