115MQLs Generated

in the first 5 months.

$3.9M Pipeline

opportunities generated.


revenue generated.

The Background

Thermbond Refractory Solutions (also known as Stellar Materials Inc.) is a family founded and fostered company that manufactures and supplies innovative refractory products to industries ranging from aluminum and petrochemical to steel and waste incineration.

Tom Atkins, SVP of Sales, and his team recognized some areas in need of improvement within their sales and marketing strategy. Thermbond excelled at customer retention and closing business within their existing customer base, but struggled to generate highly qualified net new leads due to the existing customer focus.  The sales team didn’t have the time or resources to focus on lead generation and lead nurturing activities in the middle of the funnel. This resulted in poorly qualified leads and low SQL conversion rates.

Following an internal assessment, they decided to take the step of reestablishing what they knew about their total addressable market (TAM). Rather than hiring internally or changing the customer-centered focus, Tom turned to Televerde for help with those top and middle funnel activities.


  • Struggled to generate highly qualified net new leads
  • Large focus on existing customer base
  • Lack of time and resources to focus on mid-funnel activities

The Solution

Televerde Services

  • Lead Development
  • Sales Development

Alignment with the sales team was critical for success, so from lead to prospect to opportunity, we ensured that the right skills and activities were in place at each stage.

In North America, we closely aligned Televerde sales development reps with Thermbond account executives (AEs) which established a strong foundation built on trust and knowledge. Together, they worked to define target accounts, establish processes, and fine tune the sales relationship.

Speaking the language of the manufacturing industry, we helped qualify and advance top of funnel leads, and prospected within target accounts, all in partnership with Thermbond. The SDRs lightened a heavy load for the AEs, who could now focus on their main priority: winning new business.

The Results

Thermbond’s net new business accelerated quickly with 115 leads delivered within the first five months of the program. The program yields excellent conversion rates with pipeline and closed won revenue continuously rising.

Within the first year, the Thermbond SDR team has generated 313 MQLs resulting in $3M+ pipeline opportunities and an increase in long term customer relationships. Continuing the path of rapid growth, Thermbond’s vision for the future includes resources at Televerde’s Latin American and European contact centers while continuing to foster U.S. opportunities.

“Our experience with Televerde has gone beyond our expectations. The lead quality and continual support in cultivating new relationships has generated enthusiasm in our sales team that traditional lead generation never has. Not only are we getting rapid sales payback, we are also getting new customer relationships that will generate sales for years and years.”

– Tom Atkins, Senior VP of Sales

We’ve got a track record of success