Generated in 6 months

71%of Leads

Socially sourced 

31 Leads

Converted into pipeline 

The Background

With more than 50 years of experience in information technology and industry operations transformation, our client provides solutions and services that maximize return on IT investments and minimize total cost of ownership.

Through a long-standing relationship with Televerde, our client had a solid demand generation strategy in place. Previous engagements included event recruitment, appointment setting, lead qualification, and lead nurturing. The team generated results and provided value, however they started to notice a decline in contact rates.

To address this, they recognized the need to add a robust social layer to their sales and marketing efforts. With no internal resources to help build a social selling strategy, our client consulted with Televerde to create a plan.




  • Declining contact rate
  • Lack of internal resources to build a social selling strategy
  • Need to modernize selling methods

The Solution

Televerde Services

  • Account-based Marketing
  • Lead Development 
  • Socially-enabled Sales Development
  • Data Intelligence
  • Marketo Support

To address the declining contact rate, our client increased the use of technology for Sales Development Representatives (SDRs) that use social media and data acquisition tools to perform account mapping and to stay current with key contacts, executives, and other members of the buying unit. These roles also monitored account structure, relationship tree stakeholders, and other business divisions for potential expansion opportunities.

Using LinkedIn SalesNavigator, the SDRs mapped target accounts, identified all members of the buying group for key accounts, and prioritized which decision maker to reach out to through the platform. Through watch lists of target accounts, they were able to stay current on target company news and organizational changes, and receive notifications about promotions, product releases, and company achievements.

Armed with this research, Televerde sales team members were able to personalize communications, respond quickly via InMail and use likes, comments, and shares on LinkedIn. With content sharing tools, they planned social posts, expanded their social footprint, and posted meaningful information to grab the attention of target prospects.

The Results

Increasing technology to personalize outreach on social platforms, proved to be the missing piece of the equation to help our client increase their contact rate across campaigns. With more personalized outreach, the Televerde team was able to provide prospects with extra value that was customized to their needs, and achieved the goal of increasing the contact rate.

By taking the time and effort to modernize their selling methods, our client saw an immediate increase in pipeline. Within the first six months, the Televerde team generated 78 MQLs, 71% of which were socially sourced, and resulted in 31 opportunities valued at $2.2M.


“Televerde is always available and working to support our programs, tackling complex problems and bringing in the right people every step of the way. The team has gained an intimate knowledge of how we operate and is able to deftly maneuver potential roadblocks to find solutions. I am truly happy to have Televerde as part of our team and look forward to continuing our great relationship” – Manager of Marketing Operations

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