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Spectralink is the creator and expert in purpose-built wireless communications that solves the everyday problems of mobile workers. In the healthcare market, Spectralink is recognized for specialized, durable phones.

In a recent customer survey, the average time a hospital owns their handsets is seven years. Spectralink is proud of that distinction, but it does come with a drawback. With such a long time span, they find it difficult to maintain an accurate list of decision makers for cross-sell and upsell possibilities.


  • Struggled with cross-selling and up-selling due to 7-year gap between purchases
  • Internal call center team and inside sales team lacked agreement on lead and BANT qualification
  • Difficulty in maintaining an accurate list of decision makers throughout the buyer’s journey network

The Solution

Televerde Services

  • Demand Generation & Teleservices
  • Lead Generation

To set a foundation for alignment, we worked closely with Spectralink’s sales team to understand their solution and value proposition, and what information was needed for a lead to be passed to them. Using cold calling and inbound lead qualification, we made sure MQL criteria was met and their sales reps talking to prospects ready for a conversation.

Together, Spectralink and Televerde trained four agents for the initial up-sell campaign. With limited data to start with, the Lead Development Representatives (LDRs) used their training and tools to find the right contacts. Once decision makers were discovered, the LDRs then worked diligently to set appointments and update Spectralink’s CRM. 

“This kind of bull doggedness is a really fantastic skill that it would be very hard for us to hire, compensate and retain. My recruiter would confirm this,” explained Steve Stewart, Head of Marketing. By understanding the lead quality needs of the sales team, Televerde was able to match the expectations of Spectralink’s ISR team.

The Results

During the first 6 months of the campaign, Televerde produced 193 MQLs that generated $2.9 million in sales. The results exceeded Spectralink’s expectations.

“It’s non-intuitive to people that you can tap into a quality professional skill set in a women’s prison, but it’s absolutely the case. Televerde has tapped into a high quality professional calling resource. Companies are really missing out if you don’t work with Televerde.”
Steve Stewart, Head of Marketing,

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