Do you understand your prospects’ pain points and the scope of the solution they need? Do you have a definition of the expected deal size and a target close date?

If you answered “yes,” congratulations! You have a Sales Qualified Lead (SQL) that’s been researched and vetted, and is ready for your sales pipeline. But there’s still a lot of work to be done and many decision-makers to win over in order to close the deal.

It’s time to engage and build relationships with each person involved in the purchasing decision.

Our team of seasoned sales professionals follow a proven nurturing strategy that includes the right mix of calling, emailing and social networking activities to build trust with stakeholders.

The result is ensuring that every member of the buying unit is engaged throughout the sales cycle, has the information they need to assess the value of your product or solution, and is motivated to close faster.


  • Account-Based Marketing (ABM) Support
  • Sales Development Rep (SDR) Support
  • Account Mapping
  • Social Selling
  • Marketing Automation
  • CRM Utilization
  • Channel Partner Support


Close more business with a sophisticated method of identifying where your prospects are in the buyer’s journey and using consistent, multi-channel touchpoints to move them across the journey faster.

Align Sales and Marketing
Account-Based Marketing Support

We provide the careful research, intelligence gathering and outreach activities you need to identify and map target accounts. Along the way, our agents learn how best to engage, build relationships and generate qualified leads with key members of buying units so your sales team has a solid foundation to expand upon in accounts with the most potential.

Drive to Valuable Conversations and Conversions
SDR Support

Our SDRs support mid-funnel outreach and relationship building activities (or take over these tasks completely) by nurturing leads from MQL through SQL status to ensure leads don’t stall or grow stale mid-sales cycle. In the process, they’re also gathering useful insights and information for your sales team and ensuring that a buyer is truly ready and appropriate for conversion.

Identify Key Decision-Makers
Account Mapping

Today’s sales are complex, and no longer about convincing a single person. Instead, it’s about creating consensus among a whole committee of very informed, empowered and diverse buyers. By building account maps, we help define relationships not found in the typical org chart and uncover insights buried deep in the traditional CRM. This new knowledge allows reps to connect with buyers on a deeper level, which leads to the account growth and expansion.

Learn What’s Trending in Your Industry
Social Selling

We use social media to understand what’s trending in your industry. Social tools enable our lead generation and qualification efforts. By connecting with target decision-makers, conducting research on target accounts and generating interest in your products or services through sharing relevant, personalized information, prospects are motivated to learn more about how your solutions can solve their challenges.

Align Sales and Marketing Teams
Sales Development Representatives

Our SDRs help align your sales and marketing departments by bridging the gap between the two teams. We work closely with sales executives on strategic account engagement strategy, updating the CRM with accurate lead information, providing target account and mid-funnel support, and more.

Tap into More Actionable Data
CRM Utilization

We help ensure that leads and opportunities in your CRM platform are updated in a timely, accurate manner to improve your end-to-end reporting, identify bottlenecks in your sales cycle and create actionable insights for improved campaign performance in the future. You’ll also have access to on-demand reporting and market insight via our online portal.

Sales and Marketing Partner Experience
Channel Partner Support

Our comprehensive partner support keeps your sales pipeline flowing with partner wins. Through strategic engagement and planning, marketing technology platform management, lead generation, and sales development teleservices, we are a true extension of your partner sales teams.