Set your sales team up for success and help your marketing team boost campaign ROI by tapping into our resources for more qualified lead generation.

We align sales and marketing teams by clearly defining what kind of leads the sales team wants (from foot-in-the-door appointments to fully BANT qualified), the companies and titles they want to speak with, and the information needed for a first appointment with a prospect. Whether our skilled callers are conducting outbound cold calling or following up on warm inquiries, every lead meets the defined lead criteria.

Our integrated campaigns allow systems to sync hand-raisers with our trained agents for follow-up in near-real-time, reducing the time from interest to qualifying call to mere hours. The result is increased conversion rates and improved return on marketing campaign investments.

Our methods go beyond basic lead generation. We make sure every qualified lead funneled to sales is properly followed-up on and nurtured throughout the buying journey. This attention to detail contributes to more leads converting into opportunities and, ultimately, more wins.


  • Account Based Marketing Support
  • Lead Development Reps (LDR) & Sales Development Reps (SDR)
  • Prospecting and Lead Qualification
  • Inbound and Chat
  • Social Selling
  • Technology integration & CRM Utilization
  • Closed Loop Feedback And Reporting
  • 1:1 Engagement With Sales Team Members


Our multi-channel, integrated campaigns combined with talented calling agents will increase your conversion rates and maximize revenue.

Find Leads Worth Pursuing
Prospecting & Lead Qualification

We conduct research and gather referrals to identify and qualify prospects that are most likely to be the primary driver or influencer in the decision to purchase your products or services. This allows your sales team to focus their energy on leads that best fit your ideal customer profile.

Nurture Inbound Traffic Inbound 
Inbound and Chat

We look at how people are discovering your products or services online and the tactics most often used to request information. We design an inbound strategy for the most effective handling of inquiry traffic. Whether it’s a dedicated inbound phone line or set-up and management of a live chat feature on your website, our trained agents will provide immediate answers to incoming traffic and quickly qualify leads.

See What’s Trending in Your Industry 
Social Selling

We use social media tools to connect with target decision-makers, conduct market and target account research, and share your branded thought leadership. We also generate qualified leads by reaching out directly to key buyers with relevant, personalized information that motivates them to want to learn more about how you can solve their current challenges.

Intelligent Data Use 
Technology Integration and Utilization

Integration of your CRM, marketing automation tools, and our calling system enable faster follow-up and more accurate closed-loop reporting. Our SDRs can work in your CRM to ensure consistent and accurate updates are made on leads and opportunities for better pipeline visibility and reporting.

Optimize Your Investment
Closed Loop Feedback and Reporting

Closed loop reporting proves the value of your marketing efforts and optimizes future spend. We provide in-depth reporting on conversion rates across your sales cycle and by marketing tactic. We also proactively seek feedback from your sales and marketing teams so we are continuously improving our approach and ensuring that we generate leads that convert.

Increase and Strengthen Alignment
1:1 Engagement with Sales Team

Sales team members are involved from messaging and outlining lead criteria to having direct LDR and SDR support assisting with driving qualified leads in their territory and across their target accounts.