Successfully closing deals requires multiple sales roles to initiate contact with leads, manage them, and nurture them to close. Not having the right team in place to successfully work leads from first contact to close will cost you opportunities and revenue. Yet, staffing your in-house team to meet these needs and increase sales may cost you more.

The traditional challenges of high employee turnover put your revenue growth at risk. Constantly recruiting and training new employees can easily result in lost opportunities and sales amounting to more than 200% of the annual cost of each sales rep.

So how do you build the right team capable of closing more deals in a cost-effective way?

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79% of marketing leads never convert into sales, often due to a lack of lead nurturing.
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Outsourcing part or all of your sales team can save you money while increasing the number of deals closed. With the combined power of Lead Development, Sales Development, and Inside Sales skill sets, we drive more qualified lead volume, more pipeline and ultimately more closed deals.

By identifying buying groups, building relationships, and nurturing buyers throughout the sales cycle, we strategically influence and accelerate a buyer to a customer.

LDRs focus on tactical inbound and outbound lead generation, event recruitment, and appointment setting, while SDRs align with sales and focus on more strategic, account-focused outreach and nurturing to tightly align sales and marketing.

Our ISRs can handle the prospect from cold to close, providing sales demos and quotes, negotiating terms, finalizing contracts, and closing deals on your behalf. When your field sales reps are focused on closing large, enterprise opportunities, ISRs help eliminate any sales gaps, enhance sales capabilities, and develop new routes to revenue for you.

This allows your field sales reps to focus on larger, more complex deals and your sales leaders to feel confident revenue goals will be reached as no deals, big or small, are being left behind.

And, with an average tenure of more than 4.5 years, you can feel confident our agents will stick around and continue to expand accounts and build relationships with your customers.

“We’re seeing very favorable results from [Televerde’s] ability to combine several services into a comprehensive set of best practice-driven solutions that are fulfilling our multiple objectives – database enrichment, lead generation, lead nurturing and inside sales. The services Televerde provides and the results they generate for us continue to surpass expectations.”
– VP of Sales, SAP



Our teams are eager to help generate leads, nurture opportunities and get your company to increase sales revenue by closing more deals.