Converting a lead into an opportunity requires more work today than ever before and the sales process is getting increasingly complex. With more companies moving towards group and committee decision-making, there are increased expectations for personalized messaging and a strategic account-based approach.

More and more, B2B buyers expect marketers to speak directly to their unique needs (industry, role, etc.) and specific stage of the buying journey. And the growing influence of buying teams and committees on purchase decisions is shifting marketing organizations from focusing on generating individual leads to engaging multiple stakeholders within key target accounts.

That can’t all be on the shoulders of sales to manage…and yet oftentimes it is. Marketing can no longer generate a lead, pass it off, and consider the job done. The lead needs to include intelligence about the entire organization, including information about and conversations with additional decision-makers and influencers.

After the lead is delivered, support is needed to build and nurture relationships, engage with compelling touchpoints and ensure that leads and opportunities are followed up on appropriately to ensure success.

Relationships Boost Lead Generation

80% of new leads never translate into sales and companies that excel at lead nurturing generate 50% more sales ready leads at a 33% lower cost.


Lead Generation

Building a strategic and holistic account-based strategy across both sales and marketing is a major undertaking that takes time and expertise to properly execute. From target market research to data acquisition to sales support, we can help.

Our Sales Development Representatives (SDRs) align with account executives (AEs) to provide an account-based approach that bridges the gap between sales and marketing. To secure success across all channels, our SDRs and your AEs work together to understand target account strategy, map out organizational charts, and develop a customized messaging strategy.

Our SDRs nurture and engage each member of the decision-making team with relevant and meaningful communication. Through digital, phone, and social channels, prospects are qualified based on their role and stage in the buyer’s journey and your specific MQL definition.

The work doesn’t stop there. SDRs schedule appointments, facilitate warm introductions for AEs, provide ongoing sales support and maintain accurate lead status in your CRM. The result is a more complete opportunity that closes faster, confidence that every lead and opportunity is effectively worked, and increased ABM program performance.

“Televerde SDRS are a critical part of our team. The ability to be agile in terms of scalability and velocity gives us so many more options for marketing and sales deliverables.”
– Tracy Eiler, Chief Marketing Officer, InsideView



Our team is ready to begin developing prospects from consideration to commitment and can help you create a healthy pipeline that leads to more closed won revenue.