People and Compassion, the Televerde Culture

We are a company built on second chances. We view the world around us through a lens of compassion, putting people first in all we do.

Our ability to combine leading-edge tech and the human touch to help businesses accelerate the sales pipeline wouldn’t be possible without our team of sales professionals. And half of our team sits behind prison walls.

We provide sales training, education, and jobs for incarcerated women both while in prison and after they are released, helping them find their voice and reach their human potential. This is who we are.


Our values–caring for people, earn trust, passion for learning, courage to change, own outcomes–further our mission, shape our culture and guide our relationships with each other, our customers, our partners and the communities where we live and do business.


Televerde thrives on the strength of its communities. That’s why everything we do is aimed at empowering people to become stronger and more confident, so they can transform their lives and create sustainable futures for themselves and their families.

We are proud to have a diverse workforce built on integrity and compassion, and one that embraces each other’s unique backgrounds, perspectives and experiences.

The people we hire strengthen our purpose, ensuring a human touch in all we do for our customers, partners and one another.


Our employees are the heart of Televerde, and we celebrate them with our Values Awards.

Smashing Goals: Veronica and Camila

After just 2.5 months on their client’s campaign, Veronica Paz Delgadillo and Camila Degrazia from Televerde’s Cordoba, Argentina office have smashed their campaign goals, delivering $1.1M in pipeline for their client! This dynamic duo never hesitates to go the extra mile, they have a deep understanding and engagement with the their account holder and are always willing to learn new things about their products to make conversations better. Veronica and Camila have shown a true passion and commitment to the customer and their colleagues, always owning outcomes and demonstrating a passion for continuous learning – two of Televerde’s core values.

“What makes Televerde special is that we’ve figured out how to marry profit and purpose. And when you do this, you see your work producing extraordinary results for customers but in a way that has profound societal impact. This is especially meaningful and it creates an environment in which people want to come to work every day.” Morag Lucey, Televerde CEO

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