Hot Tub Manufacturer Achieves $36M in new pipeline

With a focus on digital marketing and strong web traffic, this hot tub manufacturer didn’t have good visibility into how those web visitors were converting into buyers. What were web visitors looking for, and how could they deliver it in a way that converted more customers? To answer those questions, the manufacturer needed a way to easily track the buyer journey and develop the actionable insights that would drive more revenue.

Spectralink Delivers 193 MQLs in 6 Months

Telecommunications company, Spectralink, needed to align sales efforts for lead generation tactics. Televerde addressed the challenge with nearly $3M in sales in the first 6 months.


Better Patient Outcomes Depend on the Right Information

Learn how Televerde’s healthcare industry experience helped our client improve market reach, increase pipeline and add nearly $200M in revenue.

Monarch Medical Technologies Increases Net Promoter Scores through Inside Sales

Customer experience is king. When Monarch Medical Technologies realized they were missing out on renewals because some customers’ needs were slipping through the cracks, Televerde sales teams intervened.

Data Storage Team Achieves Long-term Growth with a 56x Marketing ROI

For more than 12 years, our client’s ROI continues to grow, thanks to a partnership built on innovation, trust, and results. Starting with a demand center of excellence, we recently helped them launch global expansion lead generation efforts.


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