Pulse Secure Closes $19M in Revenue with Televerde Partnership

Following a divestiture, Pulse Secure needed to quickly establish a sales and marketing go-to-market strategy with few resources. Through its extended Televerde team, Pulse Secure now has a sophisticated, streamlined and well-supported process for demand generation and lead qualification. This resulted in more than 3,600 new leads generated, $55M in sales pipeline, and $19M worth of revenue. The additional resources and strategic direction helped Pulse Secure grow their existing customer base, enhance their industry credibility, and build its new brand in a short period of time.

Global Energy Company Exceeds Conversion Goals with Outsourced Sales Development

Lacking bandwidth to properly qualify hundreds of leads, our client needed a partner to help them manage worldwide follow up, allowing them to scale quickly and globally. Intrigued by a business model centered around a social purpose, they decided to work with Televerde.

Using Tech to Personalize Social Selling Creates $2.2M in Opportunities

Through a long standing relationship with Televerde, our client had a solid demand generation strategy in place. The team was generating results and providing value, however they started to notice a decline in contact rates. With no internal resources to help build a social selling strategy, our client consulted with Televerde to develop a plan that would modernize their selling methods and increase their contact rate across campaigns.

Thermbond Generates 115 Leads in 5 Months

Thermbond recognized some areas in need of improvement within their sales and marketing strategy. They knew that to acquire net new business, the first step was to reestablish and understand their total addressable market (TAM). Net new opportunities were not being generated at acceptable levels.

Hot Tub Manufacturer Achieves $36M in new pipeline

With a focus on digital marketing and strong web traffic, this hot tub manufacturer didn’t have good visibility into how those web visitors were converting into buyers. What were web visitors looking for, and how could they deliver it in a way that converted more customers? To answer those questions, the manufacturer needed a way to easily track the buyer journey and develop the actionable insights that would drive more revenue.