Harnessing the Power of Purpose to Drive Business Success

The previous 15 years of my career were focused around building organizations on the back of capital infusion. I found that the most rewarding part of the roles I held was leading others and providing a positive employee experience, which allowed my teams to see their value and achieve their goals. But I began to realize that something was missing—lucrative financing rounds and talk of public offerings were just not cutting it. When I was presented with a position with Televerde, I jumped at the opportunity to build upon purpose.

A Meaningful Foundation

Televerde is a business-to-business solution provider focused on generating and increasing revenue for its customers. But what has hooked me from the beginning is how they invest in their people. Televerde provides education, job training and opportunity to incarcerated women to then help them successfully re-enter their communities, reunite with their families, and build meaningful and rewarding careers. The company is truly built upon its cause. The women capitalize on this “second chance” and transform from a broken individual to become highly skilled and confident businesswomen. How’s that for purpose?

But it doesn’t stop there. Many of the women who were once behind bars have found success at Televerde’s corporate office or with other companies. Although sometimes faced with the challenges of societal labels because of their backgrounds, the women continue to move forward and become the best versions of themselves, knowing full well they will never return to the life they previously endured.

Happy Employees = Happy Customers

As Televerde’s head of Client Success, I’m responsible for leading a team of talented people who obsess over customers that expect nothing less than extraordinary experiences with our company. Just as much as our customers take priority, our employees must take priority as well. By creating an open and welcoming environment for my team, I learn their individual strengths and provide resources and guidance so they can successfully solve problems and strategize for the coming quarters to deliver the best value for our customers—it all comes full circle.

The relationships we build with our customers are unique and exciting. And their enthusiasm for our business model within the prison facilities brings them closer to the purpose behind our cause and the people who are passionately working on their campaigns. Our customers are impressed with the level of knowledge and skills that these women possess and see the value in each of them, which then creates an extension of family between Televerde and the client. (Watch how CEO Sudhakar Ramakrishna from Pulse Secure describes our relationship.)

The Future

Leaders must be forward-thinking for the benefit of the employees, customers and company. And, as a leader focused on the people I serve, I’m constantly thinking about their future. Beyond just our clients, much of my time is spent supporting my teams, identifying growth opportunities, and helping them successfully map the path to their ideal future. My efforts are an output of the concern I have for them and the desire to help them succeed. Then, they take the opportunities and make great things happen!

I also think about the kinds of talent we should consider bringing to our team. I look for dedicated and tenacious individuals who have a competitive nature along with a desire to succeed collectively rather than individually. I seek out people who are customer-focused and trusted to do the right thing. And of course, we continue to build our teams with those who have a passion and commitment to purpose.

For those with interest in expanding your capabilities and challenging yourselves in unique ways, Televerde will provide that opportunity. We’re not turn-key. We challenge ideas and look for new ways to do business. Like any company, there will be obstacles to overcome and plenty of opportunities to learn. We encourage innovation and move at a pace that forces us to pursue progress and achieve greatness. But unlike many other companies, we go beyond just a job or a company, and put people at the forefront of our efforts. We make a true societal impact and support our communities and countless families. Through our purpose-driven business model, we change lives. And that feels really good.

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