SDRs: From Click to Close

67% of the buyer’s journey happens before a prospect engages with your sales team

Why partner with us?

It’s no secret that complex B2B solutions with long sales cycles and hefty price tags require a more targeted approach. As a result, traditional lead generation is not what it used to be.

Adding a layer of SDRs can solve your mid-funnel challenges and lead more prospects to the finish line.

Televerde Sales Development Representatives (SDRs) will work alongside your team to guide your prospects throughout their buying journey.

Interested in learning more?
Contact us and we’ll assess your strategy, identify any gaps or areas for improvement, and see if a team of sales development experts can help you crush your revenue goals this year.


Benefits of a strategic sales partnership

Strong Return on Investment

Financial Services company Envestnet|Yodlee faced a number of challenges, and were struggling to grow with no inside sales team in place. Find out how Televerde was able to bridge that nurturing gap from lead to opportunity. We’re talking 38:1 ROI, people!

Shorter Sales Cycle

Republic Services, a recycling company, was dealing with long sales cycles and little visibility into lead follow up. After partnering with Televerde, they experienced a 50% lead conversion rate and a 10 month reduction in sales cycle.

You’re in Control

By partnering with Televerde and implementing an account-based approach, InsideView generated 3x pipeline in target accounts, in addition to higher customer retention. Find out how a blended model of internal and outsourced SDRs was key to success.

More Opportunities

From the words of our customer at Vertica, read how the Televerde LDR’s produced more than 100 new opportunities, increased their pipeline by 80%, and implemented a systematic approach to social selling.

More Revenue

Pulse Secure needed to quickly establish a sales and marketing go-to-market strategy with few resources. Through its extended Televerde team, Pulse Secure generated more than 3,600 new leads generated, $55M in sales pipeline, and $19M worth of revenue.


Businesses with effective sales and marketing alignment achieved 208% higher marketing revenue than organizations with disjointed teams. – Marketo