We Provide Marketing, Sales & CX Solutions for Tech, Telecom, and Manufacturing

For nearly 30 years, Televerde has provided outsourced sales, marketing and customer experience services to clients across many industries, including technology, telecom and and manufacturing. With offices in the U.S, U.K, and South America, we are a global provider of outsourcing services and we help our clients improve operational efficiency, focus on qualified opportunities, increase revenue, navigate inflation and future proof their businesses. We train our agents in the latest and most effective demand generation and customer service strategies, so that companies like yours can reach new markets and so you can rest assured that your clients will be satisfied with your products and delighted with your brand.


The manufacturing industry continues to navigate shifting market conditions and lingering supply chain issues. In uncertain times, you can rely on Televerde to provide lead generation services for your business. Our agents work with your subject matter experts to learn about your product and to build a strong foundation based on trust and knowledge. Allow us to revive and nurture your cold leads by gathering customer, prospect, and front-line sales research about the biggest barriers to purchase. By partnering with us, not only can your regain lost opportunities, but we can help you to acquire net new business. Focus on the core objectives of your company and reduce overall operating costs by collaborating with a reliable partner to navigate any economic uncertainty.

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“Our experience with Televerde has gone beyond our expectations. The quality of leads that have been generated and the continual support in further cultivating the new relationships has generated enthusiasm in our sales team that traditional lead generation never has. Not only are we getting rapid sales payback, we are also getting new customer relationships that will generate sales for years and years. Working with our Televerde team has been a pleasure and an inspiration.” -Tom Atkins, Senior VP of Sales at Thermbond

“[Y]ou absolutely cannot judge a book by its cover. I would offer that advice to any leader who is on the fence about considering second-chance hiring or partnering with a second-chance organization like Televerde. From my experience, I can say with confidence that any woman who can succeed within Televerde’s organization could succeed in a similar role nearly anywhere. I would put this team against any other sales group doing a similar function and be confident in the results they could produce. These ladies have a willingness to learn and succeed that is hard to match.”
-Sevki Inan, Vice President of Inside Sales, Hexagon Manufacturing Intelligence

Technology & Telecommunications

Companies across industries are facing the challenge of continuing to drive growth with fewer resources. In the tech and telecom sectors, demand for greater innovation and increased sustainability are high, but many organizations are grappling with shifting market conditions, talent retention, and lingering supply chain challenges.

Customer retention and generating new pipeline are high on everyone’s list of priorities, and Televerde can help your company to accomplish both. Our agents undergo rigorous training to learn about your business and your products, and they are supported by our expert business intelligence and campaign strategy teams. Our teams will integrate with your own, enabling us to make real-time adjustments allowing for greater campaign customization. Our goal is to build strong relationships with both your team and your customers based on mutual trust and knowledge so we can deliver the results and ROI you need to succeed.

See how outsourcing with Televerde can help you focus on the the core objectives of your company and reduce overall operating costs, and see how we have helped our clients in your industry.

Televerde has a history of success with clients in the Tech and Telecom sectors, and we are proud to work with partners such as SAP, Broadcom, Securus, Pulse Secure, Vertica, and Epson.

Learn more about our services and see the results we have generated for our clients in your industry. >

Televerde can Help Improve Customer Experience, Retention and Satisfaction While Growing Revenue

Call Center Outsourcing with Omnichannel Messaging

Commitment We offer call center outsourcing that provides an omnichannel experience, meeting your customers where they are while reducing operating costs.

Reach Qualified Audience & Decision Makers

award cup Our agents connect you with key decision makers. We use targeted sales and marketing research to bring you more opportunities based on your ideal client profile, and our appointment setting services help to put those leads on your sales teams’ calendars.

Reduce Operational Costs & Increase Revenue

events icon In-house demand gen and customer support teams are costly to maintain and difficult to scale. Our team will help you maximize ROI while minimizing TCO and overhead costs. We also help enable more opportunities to upsell and cross-sell.

Reach New Customers Around the World with Our Multilingual Agents

ban-the-box-icn We are a US-based company with a global footprint. We have on-shore and near-shore locations in the US, South America and the UK. We’re ready to help you meet your sales, marketing and CX goals wherever you are. Unlike many of our competitors, we offer multilingual call support in English, German, French, Spanish, Italian, Russian, and Nordic.

Customer Experience is Everything

heart and hand Retaining existing customers is much more cost efficient that acquiring new ones.  Dissatisfied customers can create a ripple effect across your brand; such as leaving poor reviews on social media. Our agents can help maximize customer satisfaction and mitigate damage to your brand image by providing superior customer care.

Stable & Reliable Workforce that Scales with You

Our workforce can quickly scale up or down to meet your outbound demand generation needs or inbound call volume. Our 600+ global agents seamlessly integrate with your internal team to drive results. They also have an average tenure of 4.5 years, have amassed incredible skills, are passionate about learning your business, and are cross-trained so that you will never experience any disruption in agent support.

Accelerate Your Sales Pipeline

Televerde is proud to help the world’s industry-leading companies (including Fortune 1000 companies) achieve their sales and marketing goals.

“Broaden your aperture and think bigger! You can absolutely combine world-class outsourcing services and the expected economic outcomes by engaging non-traditional customer service programs. Not only will your customer service experience improve, but you can transform your business practices for social good while changing lives.”
-Dave Abel, CEO of Aventiv Technologies, parent company of Securus Technologies


YoY Increase to Mid-Market Pipeline for SAP


Lead conversion-to-purchase rate for SunPower


Increase in pipeline for Vertica

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