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Recent years have seen disruptions in the global supply chain. With supply chain pressures easing, reach out to Televerde to provide lead generation services for your manufacturing company. Our agents work with your subject matter experts to learn about your product and to build a strong foundation based on trust and knowledge. Allow us to revive and nurture your cold leads by gathering customer, prospect, and front-line sales research about the biggest barriers to purchase. By partnering with us, not only can you regain lost opportunities, but we can help you to acquire net new business. Focus on the core objectives of your company and reduce overall operating costs by collaborating with a reliable partner to navigate any economic uncertainty.

Services for Manufacturing Industry


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Our experienced team identifies, qualifies, and develops leads, supporting your sales team through the early to middle stages of the sales cycle.

Customer Experience

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We provide customer service, customer care and customer support outsourcing to help you reduce costs, improve customer service KPIs and grow your business.

Customer Retention & Expansion

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Allow Televerde to build on your relationships for scalable customer growth, improved customer retention metrics, and customer experience optimization.

Market Insights & Analysis

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We help identify your market’s opportunities, competitive landscape, and potential threats.

This is just a handful of all the services we can provide you. Please explore all of our Solutions.


Thermbond Refractory Solutions (also known as Stellar Materials Inc.) recognized some areas in need of improvement within their sales and marketing strategy. They knew that to acquire net new business, the first step was to reestablish and understand their total addressable market (TAM). Net new opportunities were not being generated at acceptable levels. Read entire Thermbond case study.


Leads Generated in 5 months by SDRs


Pipeline Generated


MQL to SAL with 218 MQLs

Our experience with Televerde has gone beyond our expectations. The quality of leads that have been generated and the continual support in further cultivating the new relationships has generated enthusiasm in our sales team that traditional lead generation never has. Not only are we getting rapid sales payback, we are also getting new customer relationships that will generate sales for years and years. Working with our Televerde team has been a pleasure and an inspiration.

— Tom Atkins, Senior VP of Sales at Thermbond


31x ROI with Marketing Automation & Content Spend for SunPower

SunPower had a high prospect drop-off rate throughout the buyer journey and lacked the resources to recycle and nurture cold leads. They turned to Televerde to help find out why. Read how the right mix of strategy and marketing automation delivered outstanding returns for this solar innovation and sustainability company. As recognition of the efforts, SunPower was recognized as a Markie Award finalist for Best Email Marketing Campaign. Read entire SunPower case study.


Revenue generated


Click to open rate


Closed/Won deals


Lead conversion-to-purchase rate

Hexagon Manufacturing Intelligence

“[Y]ou absolutely cannot judge a book by its cover. I would offer that advice to any leader who is on the fence about considering second-chance hiring or partnering with a second-chance organization like Televerde. From my experience, I can say with confidence that any woman who can succeed within Televerde’s organization could succeed in a similar role nearly anywhere. I would put this team against any other sales group doing a similar function and be confident in the results they could produce. These ladies have a willingness to learn and succeed that is hard to match.”

Sevki Inan, Vice President of Inside Sales at Hexagon Manufacturing Intelligence


Exceptional Appointment Setting Services for Hexagon

We had a 6-month contract goal to hit 210 MQLs or Hexagon could have pulled out of contract. We hit that milestone to retain customer. Through the first half of the program, we needed to better support the delivery of MQLs to the Hexagon Sales Team. We pivoted to support a better alignment. Instead of all leads being routed through the BDR to the Field Sales Reps, we are now delivering all leads to a BDR that supports the specific territory who nurtures all L2/L3 MQLs and then passes the L4/L5 sales ready opportunities over to the Field Sales Rep. Read Sevki Inan’s account of his visit to Perryville.






SQLs worth $2.5M+


Our client is a global Fortune 100 company that manufactures products that connect to software and systems for unique solutions that focus on the world’s most critical infrastructure challenges. Their commercial and consumer products improve the quality of life for people around the world, with nearly half of their revenue focused on energy efficient solutions for homes, factories, buildings, utilities, and transportation. To address and improve operational process efficiencies, Televerde facilitated a series of workshops cultivating stronger alignment between sales and marketing teams. Subsequently, we developed a uniform marketing campaign planning strategy by for LOB leaders that focused on advancing technology adoption, impacting customer retention and net new revenue growth by target market.


Increase in close rate


Increase in conversion rates

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