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Companies across industries are facing the challenge of continuing to drive growth with fewer resources. In the tech and telecom sectors, demand for greater innovation and increased sustainability are high, but many organizations are grappling with shifting market conditions, talent retention, and lingering supply chain challenges.

Customer retention and generating new pipeline are high on everyone’s list of priorities, and Televerde can help your company to accomplish both. Our agents undergo rigorous training to learn about your business and your products, and they are supported by our expert business intelligence and campaign strategy teams. Our teams will integrate with your own, enabling us to make real-time adjustments allowing for greater campaign customization. Our goal is to build strong relationships with both your team and your customers based on mutual trust and knowledge so we can deliver the results and ROI you need to succeed.

We can help revive and nurture your cold leads and open up new leads by gathering customer, prospect, and front-line sales research and determining the biggest barriers to purchase. We also provide comprehensive customer experience services, keeping buyers engaged at every stage of their relationship with your brand.  Our customer care and customer support agents will help you reduce the cost of customer retention while also helping to reduce customer churn and improve your service KPIs. Explore below to learn how outsourcing can help you focus on the the core objectives of your company and reduce overall operating costs, and see how we have helped our clients in your industry.

Services for Technology and Telecom Companies


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Our experienced team identifies, qualifies, and develops leads, supporting your sales team through the early to middle stages of the sales cycle.

Customer Experience

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We provide customer service, customer care and customer support outsourcing to help you reduce costs, improve customer service KPIs and grow your business.

Customer Retention & Expansion

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We can build on your relationships for scalable customer growth, improved customer retention metrics, and customer experience optimization.

Market Insights & Analysis

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We help identify your market’s opportunities, competitive landscape, and potential threats.

This is just a handful of all the services we can provide you. Please explore all of our Solutions.

Aventiv Technologies

Delivering Innovation & Exceptional Customer Experiences for Securus

Securus faced an unprecedented level of attrition rates, soaring past 100% year over year. Televerde helped Securus stabilize its contact center, improve resource coverage, and raise service levels, all with the goal of reducing overall operations costs. Read the Aventiv case study.


Service level percentage since inception


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Calls fielded

Broaden your aperture and think bigger! You can absolutely combine world-class outsourcing services and the expected economic outcomes by engaging non-traditional customer service programs. Not only will your customer service experience improve, but you can transform your business practices for social good while changing lives.

— Dave Abel, CEO of Aventiv Technologies, parent company of Securus Technologies


Epson’s Tech Stack Yielded a 2:1 ROI

Epson realized the need to modernize their go-to-market strategy with a technology-centric approach. Knowing the importance of adding technologies that work well together, Epson did their research to build their tech stack and processes, and turned to Televerde to apply the human touch. Read the Epson case study.


SAL Conversion


Closed Won ROI


Pipeline ROI

Today, driving lead generation is multi-faceted. It’s not just about picking up the phone and making contact, it’s about leveraging the different channels. Televerde provides us a systematic approach and a team to build pipeline. We’re absolutely impressed and amazed by the preparation the team has embracing Epson and making us all successful.

— Tom Versfelt, Vice President of Commercial Sales

Securus Technologies

Televerde’s team did an amazing job in every aspect of our due-diligence, but virtually touring their facility and meeting the women in their program solidified our decision to work with them. Additionally, we believe in the program. While incarcerated, participants build confidence, develop marketable business and technology skills, and go on to receive employment offers once released. Televerde graduates have a 91 percent lower recidivism rate than the national average. For us, partnering with Televerde was a no-brainer. When you can provide an economically viable, top notch service and wrap it in a purpose as relevant as Televerde’s, you have a company that’s in a league of their own.

When you can provide an economically viable, top notch service and wrap it in a purpose as relevant as Televerde’s, you have a company that’s a league of their own.

Joanna Acocella, VP of Corporate Affairs, Aventiv Technologies, parent company of Securus Technologies

Pulse Secure

Following a divestiture, Pulse Secure needed to quickly establish a sales and marketing go-to-market strategy with few resources. Through its extended Televerde team, Pulse Secure now has a sophisticated, streamlined and well-supported process for demand generation and lead qualification. Read more about our partnership with Pulse Secure.

“I can’t think of a better partner than working with Televerde to achieve my business goals which are supporting my twenty thousand customers and building a thriving and growing business.” -Sudhakar Ramakrishna, former CEO of Pulse Secure


Pipeline revenue




SQL conversion rate


Televerde helped client SAP align internal and external teams, marketing, sales, channel and technology, powering the interlocked channel experience driving alignment, scalability and growth. Read more


YoY Increase to Mid-Market Pipeline


Two large acquisitions had significant impact throughout Broadcom Software’s customer service. Acting as a true extension of the Broadcom Software team, Televerde agents integrated empathy, customer service, and sales techniques to create lasting customer relationships within the Broadcom Software partner channel. Read more

“Our extended Televerde team consistently goes above and beyond, unafraid to venture outside their scope, to solve challenges for Broadcom partners and customers. Their support enables us to focus internal resources on our core business, with assurance that our partners and customers are being well taken care of.” – Laura McGregor Falko, Head of Global Partner Marketing and Partner Program Office, Broadcom






MQL to SAL Conversion Rate


How Televerde Increased Pipeline by 80% In Just Four Months for Vertica

Televerde LDR’s produced more than 100 new opportunities, increased their pipeline by 80%, and implemented a systematic approach to social selling. Read entire Vertica case study.

“After seeing how my Televerde agents made the most out of a bad situation, and did so with such professionalism, I wouldn’t hesitate to hire any of the women on my team as soon as they’re eligible.”
-Sid Reeves at Vertica


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