It takes people to build relationships, earn trust, and inspire confidence in your product or service. The meaningful and personal connections you have with prospects and buyers creates a memorable customer experience and new opportunities. Allow Televerde to build on these relationships for scalable customer growth, improved customer retention metrics, and customer experience optimization.

Customer Marketing Programs

Keep your customers around for the long run. We design programs for existing customers that drive loyalty, advocacy, and revenue growth. Our customer retention services encourage healthy business relationships that benefit both you and your client.

ABM Targeting & Programs Management

Create highly targeted account-based marketing (ABM) campaigns that earn you ideal customer relationships. Our customer retention services earn you maximum ROI by personalizing details while creating scalable, repeatable systems.

Reduce Friction

We’ll help you to measurably reduce friction between your customers and your brand by providing a consistent level of exceptional service that is unaffected by the agent attrition you may be experiencing today as a result of the Great Resignation.

Did You Know…

97% of marketers that have explored ABM report higher ROI relative to traditional marketing activities

Alterra Group

A 5% increase in customer retention can boost profits by 25% to 95%


Retaining your current customers is 5-25x more cost effective than acquiring new ones?


Want an easy way to lower customer acquisition costs?

We can help you to refocus your sales efforts to increase retention by:

Implementing a Customer Feedback Loop

Let us implement a system to collect feedback from your current customers about their experience with your company. Customer insights are shared with your internal teams to help you generate solutions and better address your customers’ needs.

Treating Current Customers Like New Ones

Don’t assume that your customers will stick around just because they made a purchase in the past. We can help create a positive experience for current customers and proactively address new needs or challenges.

Providing a Self-Sufficient CX Team

Customer issues can often be opportunities in disguise. Allow us to turn customer complaints into excellent customer experiences. Our customer support agents are ready to put your brand’s best foot forward by providing the timely, relevant, and empathetic support your customers expect.

Success story

InsideView Generates 3x Pipeline With ABM Approach

InsideView integrated our ABM profiles to gain a 3x pipeline in target accounts, higher win rate, and improved customer retention. Learn how our customer retention services help businesses like InsideView achieve their goals.

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