Our customer loyalty solutions are designed strategically to build trust with your business, increase revenue, and reduce attrition with referral opportunities. We prioritize data quality, becoming familiar with working inside a firm’s CRM system and other data-driven sales and marketing applications—resulting in better data quality and customer insights. According to ZoomInfo, 66% of organizations with clean data report boosted revenue. Unfortunately, a staggering 94% of businesses suspect that their customer and prospect data is inaccurate,

Televerde can boost retention and customer lifetime value (CLV), while generating referrals. Our detailed data, insights, and analysis anticipate your customers’ needs and invest in their advocacy.

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Customer Loyalty & Insights

Maximizing the CLV is critical to account-based success. The responsiveness to customer questions and needs are essential in building a successful long-term relationship. Our customer success teams interact with different stakeholders and bring intelligence to narrow down and share insight on pain points.


Did You Know That….

92 percent of consumers trust referrals from people they know. In the B2B world, 83% of customers are willing to refer to a company after a good experience and 78% of leads generated from referrals become viable leads.

It’s a big opportunity, and you can capitalize on it by creating a referral program. When you have strong relationships with your current customers, you can ask them for referrals. Allow Televerde to implement a system that is convenient, accessible, and easy to use for current customers to submit referrals or share your information with peers. Then, we help identify strategies for strong, targeted referral follow-up.

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Data Driven Insights & Quality Assurance

Our data capture and reporting tools help us to deliver the actionable insights you need to personalize your customer experience.

Better leads move more quickly through the funnel, accelerating lead conversion. Our quality control process ensures high-quality leads, with 100% lead validation prior to delivery to our clients.


Need to Stabilize Your Contact Center, Improve Coverage & Reduce Costs?

Our agents trained on empathetic listening improved our client Securus Technologies’ customer service level to 63%.

Let us absorb the cost of hiring and training our agents while you enjoy saving your valuable staff time and money.

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