Closing deals is a team sport. You don’t win alone, and you don’t lose alone. It requires multiple sales roles to initiate contact with leads, manage them, and nurture them to close.

By tapping into our multi-layer, sales support approach, a team of Lead Development Reps, Sales Development Reps and Inside Sales Reps, will help you drive more qualified lead volume and improve lead conversion rates, resulting in bigger and better opportunities that close more often.

LDRs focus on tactical inbound and outbound lead generation, event recruitment and appointment setting, while SDRs focus on strategic, account-focused outreach and nurturing to bridge the gap between sales and marketing.

It’s up to our ISRs to close those opportunities. ISRs eliminate coverage gaps and guide buyers through the sales journey to close. These sales experts are a quota-carrying extension of your sales team and often even generate their own leads. ISRs can be aligned by territory or partner, based on your business model, and develop new routes to revenue.


  • Sales Development Representatives (SDRs)
  • Inside Sales Representatives (ISRs)
  • Channel Partner Support


Drive more of what you really want–more new customers and revenue.

Strategic Engagement
Sales Development Reps

Our SDRs provide target account and mid-funnel support to take your MQLs to SQLs through strategic account engagement, lead nurturing and opportunity management, account profiling and mapping, relationship building and social selling.

Assist Your Field Reps
Inside Sales Reps

Use our ISRs to assist your field reps in closing the midsize deals they’re typically too busy to handle, yet are important to your bottom line. ISRs have experience closing deals starting from $50k all the way up to $500k.

A True Partnership
Channel Partner Support

Our comprehensive partner strategy keeps their sales pipeline flowing through strategic engagement and planning, marketing technology platform management, lead generation teleservices, data cleanse and optimization. Consider us the inside sales extension of your partner sales teams.