Your channels are a key component of your organization – and the power of your partner channel ecosystem can be a competitive advantage. How do you ensure you’re getting the most out of your channel marketing strategy?

If you’re like most companies, you struggle with lead follow up and visibility. Televerde works to address these common concerns by serving as the link between you and your channel partner.

We optimize your partner relationships with closed-loop reporting. We work to ensure visibility so you know where your leads are going and can measure the return on your channel marketing investments.

We add-in a layer of sales relationship experts to generate, nurture, and track quality leads – assuring no opportunities fall through the cracks.

The result is alignment between you and your partner channel; delivering a better customer experience and increased revenue for your company.


  • Direct Channel Engagement
  • Marketing Technology Expertise 
  • Partner Help Desk Support
  • Full 360◦ Visibility With Opportunity Development Tracking
  • Comprehensive Insight
  • Manage and Quantify ROI
  • Channel Partner Alignment
  • Sales Development and Sales Relationship Experts


Our team of experts will work to get you the most out of your partner channel investments by serving as a true extension of your partner sales teams.

Become One With Your Partners

Partner Help Desk Support

Our team works to keep your product top-of-mind in the eyes of your channel partner – with a clear value proposition and virtual training. Drive more sales by being fully aligned with your partner channel, and experience full visibility into the fruit of your marketing efforts. With a consistent approach, we’ll help you establish trust, build solid relationships, and drive revenue throughout your partner channel.

Become a Modern Marketer

Enhance Your Martech Stack 

We work with you to enhance your martech stack and evolve toward a modern marketing approach. Move away from the typical batch and blast email and marketing method and optimize your strategy for maximum growth. Learn more about how we help you get more out of your martech stack here.

Quantity Plus Quality
A Holistic Approach to Demand Generation

First, our strategic engagement services team works with you to define your personas, identify where prospects are in the buyer’s journey, and develop a lead nurture strategy. Next, a team of dedicated LDRs works to generate top-of-funnel leads. Finally, we can ensure that only highly-qualified, quality leads are being handed off to your channel partner by adding a layer of SDRs to work and nurture them throughout the funnel.

Building Connections
End-to-End Engagement 

We’ll advocate for your product set, build awareness, and serve as a listening post for not only your partner relationships, but also for the voice of the customer and end user. Our team will deliver a seamless experience for you, your partners, and your customers by layering in a team of sales relationship experts to track your leads and enable closed-loop reporting. Get the most out of your channel marketing investments with a team set on keeping you informed at every step.

Insight You Can Apply

Continue Your Education

We ensure you’ll stay up-to-date on industry knowledge and best practices. We’ll provide you with need-to-know insight on who is buying and why. Experience full visibility and valuable end-user data within your CRM database that will keep your partner channel goals moving forward.