If you don’t have accurate reporting, how will you measure ROI and sales attribution? Or, how will you know if you’re investing in the right marketing tactics or on the right audience? The answer is you won’t.

Measuring and reporting campaign ROI have never been easy because of the many variables that affect buyer behavior: the increasing number of touch points and interactions a customer has with your company, poor CRM utilization, and oftentimes, a lack of understanding about which metrics to even measure.

Without accurate reporting, you’ll never be able to appraise what you receive in return for your investments of time, money, and resources. You’ll also miss important insights into the buyer’s journey and opportunities to better manage leads.

Metrics hard to report
40% of marketers say proving the ROI of their marketing activities is their top marketing challenge.


End to end reporting

Through the integration of clients’ marketing automation platforms, CRMs and our proprietary calling system, we provide thorough end-to-end, on-demand reporting so that our clients know which data sets and marketing tactics perform best from inquiry through to close.

Our reporting allows you to follow a lead through the sales cycle and identify any bottlenecks so you can improve your lead management and sales processes to decrease the length of your sales cycle.

We also provide market intelligence and key insights into why target prospects are or are not becoming leads or opportunities…incredibly valuable insight for marketers.

We’ll collaborate on new ways to optimize your marketing investments resulting in more qualified lead volume and increase your bottom line. Your success is our success and building a trusted partner relationship based on data-driven recommendations is our goal.

“Televerde has given us the people and support and technology to deliver on our responsibility to our sales team, as well as improve the quality of the leads going through our system.”
– Ron Barasch, VP of Marketing



We’ll help you create closed-loop reporting to optimize campaign performance, drive results and prove ROI.