Boost Your Business: Generate and Convert Leads with USP

The goal of every business website is to attract prospects and convert them to paying customers. Creating SEO content can help target your audience and earn higher SERPs, gaining higher visibility and lead generation for ultimate sales growth. But writing useful content that resonates with people and meets their specific needs isn’t enough to get you conversions. The real key is to convert leads with USP (unique selling proposition).

There are roughly 1.83 billion websites in operation today. Chances are, many of these are companies selling products or services just like yours. So what sets your company apart from the competition? By defining your USP and understanding how to incorporate it into your marketing strategy, you can generate leads and entice them to convert.

What is USP?

Almost 70% of consumers engage in comparison shopping before committing to a purchase. It is imperative for your business to capitalize on your USP. It’s what differentiates you from other companies in your market. Your USP is a strength, skill, product, or characteristic that’s unique to your business and allows you to outperform your competitors. Defining your USP is essential as it guides all decisions in your marketing strategy, from content creation to branding.

Things like product discounts, customer service, and free shipping are not enticing USPs because any company could offer them. Your USP should highlight your strengths and define what makes your business unique. It should also focus on an aspect that’s important to your audience.

A powerful USP is:

  • Firm and specific: When you take a clear stance against competitors’ products, your business makes a more memorable impression.
  • Targeted to your audience’s needs: Prospects won’t be compelled to convert if your USP doesn’t address their needs or bring them value.
  • Words and actions: A company slogan or web content can help communicate your USP, but it doesn’t mean much if you can’t follow up with positive action.

Your USP is the position your business takes in your industry. It is reflected in everything from your mission statement to your brand, products, and the overall user experience you provide to consumers. It’s essential to generating and converting leads and boosting sales growth.

Define Your USP in 5 Easy Steps

To attract your audience’s attention and set yourself apart from a sea of competitors, it is necessary to define your USP. It will help shape your marketing strategy, guide your content creation, and entice users to visit your website and convert to customers. Here are three easy steps to define your USP.

1. Identify What’s Important to Your Audience

The majority of consumers tend to buy from companies that align with their values. To be sure you are focusing on a USP that means something to the people you are targeting, do some research.

Survey your audience to learn:

  • What they look for in a product.
  • What kind of service features they need.
  • What they want from a company like yours.
  • Their problems and how your business can alleviate their pain points
  • Any issues they’ve experienced with your competitors.

Compile this information and look for commonalities among the responses. This insight provides the information you need to home in on the benefits you can provide customers. As a result, you can effectively position yourself above your competitors.

2. Determine What Makes You Unique

Using your audience feedback as a guide, begin to assess the things your company does really well. Decide which of those things also meets the criteria provided by your audience. Create a list that specifically outlines all your key differentiators and begin to determine which of those might be the best identifier for your brand.

Remember, people don’t shop online for products. They shop online for solutions to their problems. Your USP should prove to your prospects that your products can not only improve their lives. Your products can do it better than those of your competitors. Essentially, a USP makes a promise to your customers. As long as you can live up to it, you will win their business.

3. Study Your Competition

Like a football coach studying the tapes of the other team’s plays, it is important to take a close look at your competitors’ performance. First, identify who your competition is and research their USPs. What are they doing well? In what areas are they failing where your company could potentially succeed? Just because you share similar product categories doesn’t mean you have to market them the same way. Find creative ways to outshine your competition in everything from products to customer experience.

4. Draft a Positioning Statement

Armed with the insight of your audience and the knowledge of your key differentiators, it is time to draft your USP. This can help your business stay on target for meeting your goal to convert leads with USP. Consider using this fill-in-the-blank formula from Shopify to develop your USP:

[Your Brand] offers [product/service] for [target market] to [value proposition]. Unlike [the alternative], we [key differentiator].

Following this guide focuses on what is most essential when communicating your USP, both internally and externally.

5. Implement Your USP Across All Aspects of Your Business

With a USP defined, it’s time to implement it throughout your business. Customers must know where you stand in your market. Your USP can shape everything from your brand name and web content to the way you display your products and how you handle customer service.

With all the knowledge you’ve gained about your audience, your competitors, and your products and services, you can leverage that insight to position yourself in a class above your competition. With the right messaging, you can convince your prospects why they should buy from your business. Convert leads with USP.

Hire a Professional Team to Convert Leads with USP

Your USP is critical in developing a marketing strategy that resonates with your audience. By understanding your prospects’ needs, learning how your competition performs, and identifying your strengths, you will create a USP that generates leads and converts prospects. Televerde is a global sales and marketing services company that helps you develop a compelling USP that converts. We can help you generate qualified leads and close deals for sales growth and success.

For a wealth of useful resources to help you reach your conversion goals, visit the Televerde Resource Library today.

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