Televerde Has a Strong Close to Q1 2021

Televerde Has a Strong Close to Q1 2021 with Net-New Wins and Continued Expansion of Strategic Services

PHOENIX, AZ – April 28, 2021 – Televerde, the preferred global revenue creation partner supporting marketing, sales and customer success for B2B businesses around the world, announced today that it has signed contracts with nine net-new clients and significantly expanded partnerships with 17 existing clients in the first quarter of this year.

Qumu and Xactly are just two of the new clients that have chosen to work with Televerde because of its uniquely evolved approach, business model, best practices, and integrated solution that helps drive target market engagement, pipeline, and revenue.

“Televerde firmly understands our business and supports our customer acquisition efforts, which is one of the most popular growth levers for SaaS businesses. Televerde’s personalized, multi-lingual support is helping us to discover new opportunities for growth and customer acquisition across EMEA,” said Jamie Anderson, chief revenue officer, Xactly. “Our C.A.R.E values continue to shape our company and inform who we choose to partner with. While Televerde is an integral part of our growth and evolution as a business, we also believe wholly in their business model that provides career opportunity to disempowered communities. It’s these purpose-driven partnerships that allow us to deliver the best results for our clients, stay competitive in a fast-changing economy, and make the world work for everyone.”

Throughout the first quarter of 2021, Televerde has maintained its focus on maximizing client success by ensuring its technology and applications are at the forefront of digital transformation. The Arizona CIO Leadership Association recently recognized the company’s work in this area by naming Televerde CIO Mike Kirby a Finalist for its 2021 Arizona CIO of the Year ORBIE Awards. Kirby also authored a piece on Televerde’s digital transformation journey in SMART Customer Service.

Televerde also continues to strike a balance between business success and social impact, amplifying the need for businesses to rethink who and how they hire. The company hosted in February a c-suite panel discussion with leading business leaders to raise awareness for the shortage of knowledge workers in the United States, the importance of second chances, and why companies must commit to bridge inclusion gaps to welcome all job candidates, including those with a criminal record. (Replay available here.)

“The pace of change and transformation in our world today is extraordinary, especially given our global health crisis. Every business is struggling to stay relevant, compete for customers, manage efficiencies, and increase revenue,” said Morag Lucey, CEO of Televerde. “As a company that’s continued to invest in our own transformation, we are able to help the many businesses with whom we partner gain the agility they need to withstand the pressures of today’s challenging social and economic environment and accelerate customer and revenue growth. What’s more, we’ve figured out how to marry profit and purpose, delivering both a return on investment and a return on purpose for our clients, which is even more meaningful.”

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