How Outsourcing Can Help Drive Revenue Growth in an Era of Disruption

Putting together a good team of sales and customer service reps is hard enough but keeping them is even harder. To measure the impact of the Great Resignation in 2021, Gartner did a survey which found that 38% of the 600 reps surveyed were disengaged, and those reps were 84% more likely to think of quitting or be actively looking for a new job. So how do you mitigate workforce instability and keep your business running smoothly in an era of disruption?

The answer is simple – outsourcing.

Studies have shown that a lack of staffing is the biggest obstacle to improving B2B lead generation, in addition to funding and time. By outsourcing your demand generation function, you can make up for that lack of manpower—your in-house team can focus on growing your business while a dedicated external team can increase sales growth and minimize the strain on your budget.

Also, with the right outsourced sales and marketing partner, you can tap into a pool of new resources and skilled professionals who are ready-trained and equipped to efficiently and effectively help your company reach its goals—and the experience to know what works.

When it comes to revenue growth, outsourcing your marketing and sales functions is a sound strategy that increases efficiency, saves costs, and helps you maintain a consistent always-on marketing and sales engine that will drive results.

In this eBook we’ll share how outsourcing has the potential to offer big wins for your organization. Download today to discover:

• How to determine if outsourcing is a fit for your business

• What you should consider before outsourcing

• The five key values to look for in an outsourcing partner

• An easy checklist of what to consider before you make the decision

In this eBook, we provide a checklist for you to take stock of your business’ need and readiness to outsource, and the five key values you should require from your outsourcing partner.

A good partner should make you feel at ease and include you in the process. You should be able to view your partner as someone who brings measurable and tangible value and serves as an extension of your team. A great partner will even help you improve your existing processes, bringing valuable insights and filling gaps that may exist in your team.

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