Revolutionizing Lead Generation: The Wolters Kluwer and Televerde Strategic Partnership

Wolters Kluwer Tax & Accounting partnered with Televerde to develop a comprehensive strategy to enhance their lead generation efforts, incorporating a multifaceted approach that leveraged the latest in sales and marketing technologies. By implementing sequences within outreach, Televerde was able to initiate a more structured and effective email marketing campaign for Wolters Kluwer, allowing for detailed tracking and reporting of email activities and connect rates. Additionally, the adoption of social selling tactics marked a significant step towards modernizing their sales approach, further augmented by Televerde’s provision of ERP install-based data. This strategic move was aimed at enriching their existing lists, addressing counts and gaps, and thereby optimizing their overall lead generation process.

A notable outcome of these initiatives was the creation of unique Marketing Qualified Lead (MQL) types, segmented based on the timeframe to purchase. This segmentation revealed that 49% of the deliverables had a purchase timeframe within 90 days, showcasing a targeted approach to capture leads closer to the decision-making point. The contact rate stood at 4%, indicating the percentage of targets that engaged with the outreach efforts. Impressively, the Sales Qualified Lead (SQL) conversion rate reached 76%, demonstrating a high degree of effectiveness in converting interested leads into potential sales opportunities. These results underscore the success of Wolters Kluwer Tax & Accounting’s targeted lead generation strategy and its impact on enhancing sales potential.

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