Join Televerde at Culture Summit 2023: Harnessing the Power of Inclusive Culture

We’re thrilled to announce that Televerde’s Chief Impact Officer Michelle Cirocco and Head of Global Marketing Kellie Walenciak will be featured speakers at the Culture Summit 2023 in San Diego, California, from September 25-27.

Culture Summit is a premier event that brings together leaders and innovators to explore the intersection of culture, leadership, and innovation. This year, Michelle and Kellie will explore the transformative power of a purpose-driven, inclusive culture on business growth.

At Televerde, we’ve seen firsthand how a culture of belonging and second-chance employment can be an engine for growth. Our unique approach has driven better decision-making, boosted productivity, and delivered stronger outcomes for our clients.

Michelle and Kellie will share insights on how businesses can leverage a purpose-driven culture as a strategic asset. They’ll discuss how opening our doors and minds to talent from all communities can unleash powerful creativity, innovation, and commitment that strengthens not just our companies but also the fabric of our society.

We invite you to join us at Culture Summit 2023 to learn more about the transformative power of an inclusive culture. Let’s explore together how we can drive business results while positively impacting society.

For more information about the Culture Summit 2023, visit We look forward to seeing you there!

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