Leading Your B2B Sales Team Through the Coronavirus Pandemic

With the spread of Coronavirus (COVID-19) across the globe, many business leaders are requiring their employees to work remotely.

As a result, digital transformation just got fast-tracked, and B2B salespeople need to make some necessary adjustments in order to address today’s challenges.

We support lead generation, pipeline movement and sales acceleration for our clients – some of the world’s largest and most complex B2B organizations. Interestingly (and contrary to what you might think) our teams have had no shortage of conversations with our clients’ prospects over the past couple of weeks.

Surprised? So were we. Here are a few things we’ve learned to help your sales team maintain forward momentum during the current crisis:

1.      Don’t stop reaching out

Interestingly enough, with so many people working remotely, they have more time in their days. They aren’t driving to and from work, and they aren’t bouncing in and out of conference rooms. In short: they are more accessible.

They also seem to be eager to speak with people as a form of socialization, understandably so. We’re also using other avenues of communication aside from the phone – including email, social, ad retargeting, and hosting virtual events to address today’s unprecedented business challenges.

2.      Be consultative and empathetic

We are right at the beginning of event season, and every single event I was scheduled to attend was moved to a virtual platform. Massive percentages of companies’ pipeline and revenue is sourced or influenced at their events, which means they need to make up that gap. Digital event recruitment is one way Televerde specifically can help mitigate business disruption.

Think: how can your company benefit others in this time of crisis? Even if all you can offer is some empathy and words of support, you will lay the groundwork for a positive engagement when the time finally is right. Which brings us to our next point…

3.      Focus on building relationships

People are answering the phone. People are spending massive amounts of time online. And within a matter of weeks, business leaders are going to be in a different kind of fear, the kind where they need to meet their numbers and don’t know how they are going to get there.

Get your message out and establish those relationships now so when the time comes and they’re ready for a conversation, you’ve already established a connection.

4.      Refine your social presence

I strongly recommend majorly building your social presence right now. Look at how your LinkedIn profile is written, what does it say about you? What types of info are you putting out there?

Your social profile should be full of helpful information and relevant content, positioning you as a thought leader and industry expert.

5.      Maintain your momentum

Most importantly, I cannot overstate the need for maintaining activity. Don’t get caught in the trap of sitting back and waiting for the pandemic to pass, work harder and smarter!

In short: It’s not time to put your foot on the break. Full speed ahead.

Final Takeaway

There are two types of prospects out there, the ones who are panicking and thinking about “right now” (a.k.a. COVID-19,) and the ones who are thinking about the future and how they are going to maintain business and revenue continuity.

When communicating with these two types of prospects – the dynamic is different, the communication is different, but either way, the need is there. We are weeks away from a surge in demand, so do what you need to and make sure that demand comes to you when the time is right.

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