Once you know who you’re targeting, it’s time to start reaching out. How do you get off to an engaging start?

Whether you need help driving event registrations, warming up cold leads, or setting appointments for your sales team, we help you strengthen brand awareness and engage your prospects with compelling messaging across multiple channels.

Our Lead Development Reps generate top-of-funnel leads by engaging prospects in meaningful interactions adapted to the new realities of data privacy and consent.

These interactions uncover prospects with a genuine interest in your solution, resulting in better conversations for your sales team.


  • Account Profiling
  • Event Recruitment
  • Appointment Setting
  • Inbound and Chat
  • Re-engagement of Cold, Discontinued Leads or Opportunities
  • Marketing Automation
  • Skilled Teleservices Representatives
  • Lead Generation
  • Lead Development Representatives (LDR)


With our intelligence-based approach, you’ll have a better understanding of who you’re talking to and how you can get them to purchase your products or services.

Research Your Opportunities
Account Profiling

To fuel ABM success, a deep understanding of your target accounts is critical. We conduct outreach to gather details on your target accounts’ organizational structure and decision-making process including, who’s involved, current products or services used, challenges, and upcoming initiatives. The information uncovered verifies target account selection and enables a more effective go-to-market ABM strategy.

Recruit, Register, Confirm Key Targets
Event Recruitment

Using a dialogue and digital-based approach, we will expand awareness of your event and drive registrations. Our high-impact approach includes email and telephone outreach, online registration, well-timed reminders and confirmations, and the critical post-event follow-up to boost your ROI.

Schedule Time for Qualified Meetings
Appointment Setting

Our skilled teleservices reps will generate interest and schedule face-to-face or telephone-based appointments with your targeted decision-making or decision-influencing contacts. To help ensure these meetings happen, we can also provide a sales support layer for appointment confirmation and follow-up.

Capture Their Attention
Inbound & Chat

Our integrated, omnichannel campaigns attract prospects by providing interesting, quality content that creates brand awareness, boosts website traffic, and motivates prospects to learn more. Our reps handle inbound phone inquiries by effectively answering questions and pitching the value your solution or service provides. We can also set up and manage a live chat feature to provide immediate answers and convert incoming site traffic.

Create a Lead Management Strategy
Re-Engagement Of Cold Leads

Your cold or discontinued leads can be a positive source of revenue. Our team re-engages with this audience with the right message to get them back into the sales pipeline. We also conduct win/loss research that provides insight from the prospects that went dark or chose another vendor. This is valuable information to share with your marketing and sales leaders.

Optimize Your Revenue Growth
Marketing Automation

Marketing automation and advanced tech are powerful tools but can be complex to set-up. Too many companies don’t optimize their investment when they leave important functions left unused, nor do they have the processes in place to enable quick follow-up. Our team of certified consultants can implement and manage integrated campaigns that create a holistic brand experience across your market, assist in building top-of-funnel lead volume, and contribute to faster closed won sales.

Fill Your Pipeline with Qualified Leads
Lead Generation

Our lead gen programs are customized for your business. We work closely with your sales and marketing teams to align our efforts with your revenue goals. To ensure lead quality and volume meet expectations, we establish clear lead management processes, gather feedback consistently and provide in-depth reporting on conversion rates across the sales cycle.