Breaking Barriers Together: Reflections from the Women of the Channel West Summit

I had the great privilege of attending the Women of the Channel (WOTC) Leadership Summit West last week, and wow, what an empowering experience it was! Leaders, authors, public speakers, channel innovators, techie-turned-CEOs—all gathered together in one room! It was truly inspiring to be in a room full of powerful women, all coming from diverse backgrounds and each with their own remarkable story. Yet the thing that stood out most to me was the sense of relatability that permeated the space. A common thread emerged during the event: we all grapple with moments of self-doubt, imposter syndrome, and the nagging uncertainty of whether our voice holds weight in the corporate world. It was almost universal, regardless of career stage or seniority.

Attending WOTC West was a powerful reminder that success isn’t a straight line, and even the most accomplished leaders have faced setbacks. But what truly inspired me was their unwavering belief in themselves and their dedication to paving the way for future generations of women in leadership.

The event wasn’t just about celebrating individual achievements; there was a strong emphasis on the strength of collaboration. The keynotes encouraged a sense of community, where women from various backgrounds shared experiences and offered support. From Iona Halloway sharing her journey from rock bottom to six-figure entrepreneur and motivational speaker, shining a light on how to break the cycle of fear and be our bravest selves, to Maryann Pagano, who took a kick down the ladder from her former employer and used it as fuel to ignite her own vision, co-founding Blackhawk Data, the #14 fastest-growing startup company and CRN Triple Crown winner.

The networking sessions were a treasure trove of connections, allowing me to meet future mentors and build relationships with women facing similar challenges. Life, both inside and outside of our work, is a circle of mentorship where we all take turns helping each other and paying it forward.

At Televerde, I’ve been fortunate to have excellent mentors throughout my journey. They have shown me what it means to be inspired by our customers and invested in solving their challenges. With their help, our team is continuously improving and finding new ways of hitting the goals set out for us. We help B2B companies with a white-glove approach, becoming an extended arm for their teams and our clients support our mission. They recognize the life-changing impact of partnering with us, giving the women working within our business model a second chance and opportunities to grow and thrive post-incarceration.

Two of my greatest mentors within Televerde, Alicia Rasta and Michelle Cirocco, gave us a master class in embracing vulnerability by sharing their stories. Their keynote made an impact on everyone in the room and especially on our team watching from the audience. It was incredible to watch the room erupt into a standing ovation, and feeling such overwhelming support. I loved interacting with everyone who sought out our team after the keynote, wanting to speak to us about the work we are doing.

Leaving the event, I felt a surge of motivation unlike anything I’d experienced before. I was surrounded by a sea of possibilities, empowered by the knowledge that achieving my goals wasn’t just a dream, but a tangible reality. The event ignited a fire in my heart; a desire to not only excel in my own leadership journey but also empower others to reach their full potential.

Our mission, since Televerde’s inception, is to empower those who feel voiceless and inadequate while driving revenue and superior customer experiences for our clients. WOTC West showed me a business landscape filled with strong women who are invested in developing future generations of women in leadership to deliver successful outcomes to the markets we serve.

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