Ban the Box: Incarcerated Today, Christin Swansinger Issues a Bold Challenge for Business

Televerde recently joined Conscious Capitalism for its 2019 annual conference. We had the honor of being a host company and leading this year’s Sum & Substance, a national event series that brings together five business professionals to share their stories of purpose at work. Each presenter ends their speech with a challenge to the audience that aims to spark new ideas, ways of thinking and partnerships.

This year, Televerde professionals Michelle Cirocco, Korbi Johnston, Christine Martin and Christin Swansinger and CEO of Pulse Secure and Televerde customer Sudhakar Ramakrishna share their journeys that led to passion for the Televerde mission.

While all their stories are uniquely different, the common thread is that business can and should be doing more to support women and men with criminal backgrounds starting with a ban the box campaign and pledging to hire from this qualified talent pool.

For the first time in Conscious Capitalism’s history, the organization allowed the use of video during Sum & Substance because Christin couldn’t be there in person. She’s serving out the remainder of her sentence at the Department of Corrections in Goodyear, Arizona. We invite you to watch Christin’s presentation and to really consider her challenge to ban the box and also think about other ways you can help bring about meaningful change for this disempowered community.




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