Using Storytelling to Connect with Clients

We all love stories, and marketers are born storytellers. But in today’s data-driven, just-the-facts world, many organizations undervalue the power that great stories must inspire and motivate us. It’s time to flip the script on corporate storytelling.

Human beings love stories. We love to share them, read them, and listen to them. To deeply connect on a human level, we must be able to express emotion and vulnerability in our stories. This is how we form relationships in life and in business. Powerful stories help us build trust with one another.

All B2B companies have a story to tell. The key is to find out what your clients and employees care about –what matters to them, what moves them, what inspires them—and then tell stories that connect with them simply and universally. In this episode of Televerde Marketing Mug, we’ll chat with Televerde Global Head of Corporate Communications Kellie Walenciak to learn how you can:

• Tell your brand’s purpose in a way that establishes a connection.

• Develop stories that your clients, employees, and the media care about.

• Determine how and where to tell your story.

• Motivate people to action through storytelling.



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