8 Reasons to Outsource Your Telemarketing Right Away

In our digital-centric world, maintaining genuine human connections in marketing feels increasingly challenging. Amidst a barrage of things like automated emails, social media, and chatbot conversations, telemarketing remains a steadfast pillar of more personal engagement.

However, as potent as it is, executing it in-house brings complexities—from resource management to regulatory compliance and more. So, how can businesses maximize its benefits without these hurdles? Many are finding the answers in one solution: outsource telemarketing.

By looking externally, companies can harness the full power of telemarketing to enhance prospect and customer engagement, all while reallocating resources to level up other key initiatives.

In this guide, we’ll explore 8 of the most compelling reasons your company should take the leap to outsource marketing right away.

Quick Takeaways:

  • Telemarketing is still an industry-leading lead-gen and customer engagement strategy.
  • Its market size is predicted to grow through at least 2031.
  • Companies that outsource telemarketing gain benefits like cost savings, expertise, flexibility and scalability, better technology, higher security and compliance, and rapid deployment.
  • When you outsource telemarketing, it frees up resources for other mission-critical activities and marketing initiatives.

The Current State of Telemarketing

In a world that seems to be getting more digitized by the moment, it’s easy to look at telemarketing as an outdated outbound marketing tactic. But the opposite is true. Today, the global telemarketing market size is still growing, and it’s expected to continue on that trajectory through at least 2031.

Bar graph shows that the telemarketing market will continue to grow through at least 2031.
Image Source

There’s a good reason why telemarketing has retained its position as a potent tool for engaging potential customers. It bridges the gap between digital and personal, allowing businesses to engage meaningfully with prospects and build the kinds of connections needed to nurture them to later stages in the pipeline. 

Plus, as the sheer amount of digital information and communications people encounter daily continues to multiply, phone calls can actually stand out from a sea of digital noise. They can show that a company is truly committed to making human-to-human contact rather than relying on more impersonal digital channels to do all the work for them.

The thing is, like most modern outbound marketing strategies, telemarketing needs to be executed at scale in order to yield the kinds of results businesses need to achieve growth. This requires infrastructure and resources (both human and technological), which many companies don’t have in-house.

Furthermore, while worthwhile, telemarketing is a time-consuming tactic and usually requires full-time attention. This is time that regular marketing teams generally don’t have to give.

And finally, telemarketing is subject to increasingly intense regulatory compliance standards and privacy laws, meaning companies must stay continually up-to-date on changing requirements in order to remain compliant and avoid legal ramifications.

This all presents a dilemma: Should marketing leaders try to manage these challenges internally and allocate the significant resources required to do so? Or should they look externally, leveraging expertise from telemarketing companies who have more comprehensive knowledge, tools, and capabilities?

For many, the answer leans heavily toward choosing to outsource telemarketing. Let’s explore some of the most compelling reasons why your business should jump on board and outsource its telemarketing functions sooner rather than later.

8 Reasons to Outsource Telemarketing Right Away

        1. It’s Cost Effective

        Outsourcing is often considered a financial burden, but the truth is that it almost always saves money for companies that do it. Outsourcing telemarketing specifically can eliminate high overhead costs related to full-time salaries, benefits, training, equipment, facilities, software, and more.

        Companies that outsource effectively (i.e. hire externally for non-core competencies and choose the right providers) save anywhere from 10-25% on operating costs.

        Bar chart showing that companies that outsource effectively save between 10-25% on operating costs.
        Image Source

        2. You Get Access to Experts

        Telemarketing firms are specialists. They’ve honed the craft over years, meaning they bring unparalleled expertise to the table. By outsourcing telemarketing, you’ll tap into a reservoir of knowledge, experience, and best practices that would be time-consuming and costly to develop in-house.

          3. You’ll Gain Flexibility and Scalability

          Market demands fluctuate. With an outsourced telemarketing partner, scaling operations up or down becomes seamless. There’s no fretting over hiring more staff for a specific campaign or figuring out the logistics of downsizing post-campaign. External agencies easily absorb these types of fluctuations, offering a level of agility that’s hard to achieve internally.

            4. You’ll Have Better Technology and Infrastructure

            Telemarketing firms invest in the latest tools to stay competitive. By outsourcing telemarketing, you’ll get access to cutting-edge technology without the capital expenditures. This means better analytics, efficient dialers, and robust CRM integration (among other benefits), enhancing your overall effectiveness.

              5. Your Employees Can Focus on Core Competencies

              Every organization has its strengths. Outsourcing telemarketing lets businesses concentrate on their most  mission-critical activities while leaving telemarketing to external experts. This not only ensures top-notch telemarketing results, but also allows internal teams to remain dedicated to work that drives growth.

                6. You’ll Have Comprehensive Training and Quality Control

                Outsourced agencies regularly train their staff to keep them updated with the latest techniques, best practices, and industry trends. Coupled with strict quality control measures, this ensures that your brand is consistently and professionally represented in every call.

                  7. It Comes with Rapid Deployment

                  Need a campaign rolled out next week? Outsourced telemarketing teams can quickly mobilize, thanks to their existing focus, expertise, and infrastructure. This agility ensures you can always respond promptly to market opportunities.

                  8. You Can Be Confident in Data Security and Compliance

                  Even as data security technology advances, the risk of experiencing a data breach or being noncompliant (often unintentionally) remains high. One recent survey found that 79% of companies reported that they experienced a cloud data breach in the past 18 months, and 43% experienced a staggering 10 or more breaches in that same timeframe.

                  79% of companies reported a cloud data breach in the last 18 months, and 43% experienced 10 or more breaches.
                  Image Source

                  Reputable telemarketing firms are stringent about data security and compliance. When you outsource telemarketing, your company significantly mitigates the risk of non-compliance and security breaches to ensure that brand reputation and customer trust are maintained.

                  Taking the Leap to Outsource Telemarketing

                  In the ever-evolving world of modern marketing, decisions must align with both efficiency and efficacy. Outsourcing telemarketing stands out as a strategic move that caters to both.

                  While the idea of entrusting an external entity with your brand’s voice might seem daunting, the benefits overwhelmingly speak for themselves. From the financial savings to the unrivaled expertise, the reasons to outsource are compelling. Furthermore, in a climate where agility is paramount, having the ability to swiftly adapt and scale is invaluable. 

                  For marketing leaders, the time is now to embrace the future and leverage the immense potential that outsourcing telemarketing offers. By doing so, your business can both optimize their resources and also position themselves for greater success in other marketing endeavors.

                  Contact Televerde today to learn how we can help you level up your telemarketing strategy right away.

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