in sales pipeline with 18 SQLs

103net new

key enterprise accounts


Representing 23 target accounts


As a market and technology leader in business software, our client offers solutions and services for improving business operations focused on the retail vertical. This solution portfolio targets grocery, hard-lines and soft-lines retailers with a means to turn today’s challenges into opportunities with solutions that help drive profitable multichannel retailing.

It offers retailers the insight to better understand shoppers and businesses, the operational efficiency to ensure profit, and the adaptability to capitalize on the best opportunities to grow. Televerde and this client had an existing relationship related to servicing their lead generation efforts.


  • Lacked possibilities to cross-sell/up-sell
  • Account Executives needed to allocate more time to selling
  • Needed to reallocate Televerde resources
  • Goal to improve account priority

The Solution

Televerde Services

  • Engagement Strategy
  • Data Intelligence
  • Demand Generation
  • Teleservices

To increase the penetration into the retail sector, Televerde and our client decided to pilot an account-based marketing (ABM) program. The program started with account executives (AE) selecting 5-10 large accounts for ABM targeting. Next, we established a strong engagement process with AEs, outlined the communication streams, aligned on the key metrics, and ensured a clear data management process.

The ABM program included:

  • Account planning sessions to review current intelligence and gaps
  • Contact build-out for target accounts
  • Weekly collaboration calls to continue to build the knowledge base on the account
  • Warm hand-offs between account teams and Televerde lead generation agents

The Televerde agents managed and gathered insights and intelligence through primary and secondary research.

The Results

In the initial 14 weeks of the program, the company experience improved account intelligence, enhanced sharing of account profiles, and a deeper lead generation focus. 

This resulted in 103 net new key enterprise accounts between 12 account executives. For existing accounts, 34 MQLs were delivered, representing 23 target accounts.  From these, 18 SQLs were pursued, representing 12 target accounts and $2.7M in value.

The ABM program moved from pilot into a steady state with expansion into new regions and more account executives.

“This is fantastic! It’s playing perfectly to the plan to get a bit of groundswell going. We will be able to craft a more compelling story with the information you gather.”

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