The more positive contact your business can have with your target audience, the easier it is to develop and sustain relationships that ultimately lead to more closed sales. But how much contact is enough and where do you find your buyers?

On average, B2B buyers need 12 to 18 non-human and human interactions before they make a purchase decision, which means you can’t rely on a single channel to reach your audience. You need a multi-touch, omnichannel approach that takes into account how your target buyers do research, where they network, and how they buy.

Your marketing and sales teams need as much information as possible in order to establish the right touch points across the most appropriate channels to capture attention and create a holistic experience that guides your prospects through the sales cycle.

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72% of consumers say they would rather connect with brands and businesses through multiple channels.
– Multichannel Digital Marketing Report | 2015
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Relevant messaging, persona development and customer journey mapping help us understand your customers’ path to purchase. Knowing your buyer’s journey, we launch integrated, omnichannel marketing strategies that engage target buyers with focused messaging based on buyer stage, role, and interest.

This helps generate more qualified leads, increase conversion rates from lead to close, build stronger relationships with prospects and customers, and provide a more personalized buying experience.

We also provide attribution reporting that allows you to see results by channel across the sales cycle so you’re armed with information to see what’s working, adjust what’s not and optimize your campaigns.

“It’s great to see this multi-channel approach work together to enhance the customer buyer journey. We’re able to reach new customers that may not have found us. It’s truly the right customer at the right time, thereby driving efficiency in targeting and speed to close”
 Beth Graham, Vice President of Marketing, Republic Services



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