ABM Sandwich: What End-to-End Demand Gen Tastes Like

It’s lunchtime in Arizona and I’m trying to decide if I’m going to run to the mom and pop sandwich shop down the street or the nationwide chain restaurant that the rest of my team is headed to for a bite. I recently discussed a similar conundrum on Jay Baer’s fantastic marketing site, Convince & Convert.

Understanding what it takes to be successful with Account Based Marketing (ABM) is similar to constructing the perfect sandwich. ABM is so much more than the buzzword status that it’s transcended. When deployed properly, companies can create enduring relationships and a bigger share of wallet with both existing and new customers. Sounds great! But it’s not that simple. To really do ABM well, you have to do something different; no more applying the same tactics while expecting different outcomes.

That something different? The number and opportunity within accounts targeted. You can’t try to deploy an ABM strategy at your entire customer or prospect base – you’ll never be successful and you’ll waste a fantastic opportunity to serve your customers with a highly customized experience and a dedicated account team. That’s right – ABM is all about individualizing and considering a holistic view of each buying influence and leader from a personalized standpoint. The result is end-to-end demand generation – what I call an “ABM Sandwich.”

Which brings us back to lunch time. I’m hungry. And it turns out that to be successful with an ABM strategy, you have to have an appetite for it. Not the kind that I’m feeling now, but a hunger for success and a commitment to the practice. Just like you can’t slap together a Dagwood sandwich without investing some energy and thought, successful ABM relationships are built on a foundation that takes time and dedication to build.

I’d love for you click over to Convince & Convert and read my article: What End-to-End Demand Gen Tastes Like. I shared three mouthwatering steps to succeed with ABM and would be delighted to hear your feedback on them. Until then, I think I’ve decided that that Dagwood sounds pretty great, so to the sandwich shop I go. I hope that this post has made you hungry, too, and that you consider taking a bite out of an ABM Sandwich!
Ray Kemper

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